Easy win for Nine on Sunday

Ratings: Dubious interview pulls a 2017 high for 60 Minutes, paired with another win for The Block.

A scoop interview with accused drug courier Cassandra Sainsbury saw 60 Minutes pull its biggest audience of the year.

1.04m viewers tuned in to Liam Bartlett’s interview, with a truckload of sceptical comments as to innocence or guilt on social media. It outranked The Doctor Blake Mysteries on ABC and Seven’s Sunday Night (despite a 30 minute head start).

The Block again topped Sunday with a cool 1.4m viewers, actually down on last week’s 1.55m. Seven’s Little Big Shots still cleared the million margin with 1.02m, also down on last week.

TEN had a very rough night, again resorting to a roadblock of reality TV to conceal underperforming numbers.

Nine network easily won Sunday with 35.5% share then Seven 28.8%, ABC 16.9%, TEN 12.0% and SBS 6.7%.

The Block was #1 with 1.4m viewers for Nine then Nine News (1.07m) and 60 Minutes (1.04m). Footy Classified was 257,000 in  cities and Movie: See No Evil was 236,000.

Seven News (1.07m) was best for Seven then Little Big Shots (1.02m), Sunday Night (633,000) and Heists That Shook the World (299,000).

The Doctor Blake Mysteries (734,000) topped ABC’s night followed by ABC News (719,000), Grand Designs: House of the Year (540,000) and Classic Countdown (279,000). Fearless was 254,000.

The Sunday Project drew 301,000 / 237,000 on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 300,000, Family Feud was 221,000 and Bull was 158,000 / 130,000.

On SBS The Ascent of Civilization was 225,000 then Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History (179,000) and SBS World News (134,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ruled multichannels with 223,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 24 September 2017.

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  1. must admit, i got sucked in to watch the Cocaine Cassie interview, shame it was a let down. I was hoping she might say something credible to make it a bit interesting, ust one hint of truth, but nope, it was like a lesson on ‘how not to lie’ from start to finish.

  2. The SBS archaeological/historical documentary was an improvement on last week’s Phoenicia offering-less silly ‘comical’ re enactments but still using very cheap looking animated segments that dragged it down-watched ‘Sicario’ on 93/99-found it pretty dull and pedestrian compared to ‘Breaking Bad’ or even ‘Weeds’ in the telling of the US/Mexico cross border drug gang violence.

    1. Ahhh, the art or movie-making & cinematography is often lost come small-screen time. Sicario has some of the best shot scenes in the past decade imo and is very much meant to be watched on the big screen.

      As for “dull and pedestrian”, well, to use a music analogy; there is pop music (don’t bore us, get to the chorus) and then there is good music.

  3. I posted a comment on Aust Survivors FB page last night stating I was disappointed that they don’t have many rewards competitions this season and it was getting boring just watching them talk. The Survivor social media people answered me saying they have a rewards comp every second episode and don’t want to spoil the contestants? I found this statement wrong but didn’t argue the point. I have just about given up on the show unfortunately. Excited for the US version coming this week

        1. i love survivor so i am happy with anything. i am not too fussed with lack of reward challenges and too much talking. immunity challenges are what count.
          I actually like the further exposure to the gameplay we get in Australia as opposed to the US version. it allows for more insight into how people are playing the game. i know this is not for everyone (as reflected in the ratings) but for me it is great.

    1. Guys, it’s not difficult… It’s every 2nd episode that there is a reward challenge; simple as that. While it was initially a Sunday & Monday thing, throwing in Tuesday episodes has thrown the days out, but it’s still every 2nd episode. The episodes with reward challenges go until approx. 9:05, while the episodes without go until approx. 8:40.

  4. CBS will fix Ten’s embarrassing Sunday numbers. Family Feud will go. News won’t be at 5pm. And they’ll find a way to get some football/sports action to lead into a much more competitive and better produced news offering in a realistic time slot for weekends.

    1. If they wish to boast news they need to buy some quality newsreaders and change the whole presentation style to what they deliver now. CBS will more likely make subtle changes like starting programs on the hour than half hour as what Australia is use to, or have been. It will be a slicker Ten. I would like to think they will re-define One and Eleven and add another channel to cater for a difference audience possibly sitcoms.

    2. And they’ll give everyone a pony too, right?

      Look, I think CBS could well prove to be an interesting shakeup in what really is a moribund market suffering terribly from a lack of any real competition or innovation. But in the short-medium term, unless viewers suddenly get interested in American football, baseball, and hockey they’ve got nothing to bring but money – everything else they _could_ bring or buy is tied up elsewhere for a while…

  5. I don’t recall the last time I sat down and watched, or even recorded FTA on a Sunday night. I noticed a commercial for 60mins while at the gym yesterday, but it was advertised as airing “After The Block”. Well I have no idea what time that is, I don’t watch The Block (let alone Nine usually), and have no idea how long an episode is dragged out for. If you want to advertise a show, tell me the time it is on, not which show it follows.

    1. They can’t tell you what time it’s on because, at the time that they make the promo, they don’t know what time The Block will finish. Collectively, the commercial networks are their own worst enemy in this regard.

      1. Yep – it has always blown me away how you can promote a show without a time. Saying “after the Block” is like arranging a meeting with a client and saying “the time for our meeting is after my previous meeting – ok? See you then…”

        They would absolutely know the time in advance – the show is usually edited and complete (other than some of the graphics) well over a week in advance. Besides – if they can promote Law & Order Menendez thingy as 8.50 Oct 2, then they can promote 60 mins as 8.50 or whatever Sundays…

        1. They’re hoping that by saying “after the block” viewers will watch “The Block”. The promo creator might know the run-time of the show but the length and quantity of the ad-breaks is anyone’s guess. I suspect that even OzTam doesn’t know the actual times until after b/cast and they receive an update from the Network..

  6. Tens “Road Block” concept clearly is not working as it is not increasing Survivors performance. Survivor clearly is not cutting it with the general population. Perhaps its the time of year its on? Maybe it is designed for a summer time schedule?? Ten needs to find a new prime time show to tackle old format shows like The Block. Maybe Masterchef Professionals whereby chefs compete like the homecook series.

    1. That brings up the interesting idea of ten combatting The Block with Masterchef. Both are big established shows with a decent audience, especially in Melbourne.

      I think it would be interesting to see what both shows would do against, especially as I think there is a decent number of viewers who watch both shows. What happens when they have to choose?

  7. Given it’s current lacklustre schedule it may not have made an enormous difference but to give themselves half a chance TEN need to launch its big Sunday offerings at 7pm, not 7.30pm. Given the Seven and Nine Sunday news bulletins normally score their highest ratings on Sunday nights, launching at 7pm must be the only smart move… give viewers a chance to switch around at this key junction point and potentially set up the evening schedule… or am I missing something?

    1. They tried that during MasterChef and it rated lower than when it started at 7:30pm, now there’s a number of reasons why this may have happened and in particular because viewers have been conditioned to expect that as the start time but also because it has to do the opposite of its rivals and significantly build its audience back up after 6pm when the news finishes as the numbers fall between 6-7:30pm for the pretty ordinary content shown.

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