“Even money” on McLeod’s Daughters revival

McLeod’s Daughters creator Posie Graeme-Evans says she has a “cracker” of a 6-part story for a revival of the much loved pastoral drama.

In July she confirmed Nine was in discussions about reviving the series, but she cautions against presuming a greenlight, describing her odds as “even money.”

“I promised I’d write when I had any news about McLeods to share,” she wrote on Facebook. “So, you’re the first to know. Yes. We have a story now, and I think it’s a cracker. Just finishing the work we need to do before I talk about the next steps with the Network. BUT you never know ’til you know. It’s even money if there’ll be a pickup – or not. And, we’ve all got to want to do it and that may take a bit of talking to get us all over the line. BUT if you support the idea of McLeods Daughters coming back, let me know. And ask all your friends who like the show to let me know as well. It will help – a lot. This has been a long time coming but maybe, just maybe, we’re a step closer. Cheers to you all, Posie.”

Graeme-Evans, who thanked Susan Bower and Alexa Wyatt for assisting her with the story, told The Advertiser she hoped to film in South Australia once again if Nine proceeded. But she is buoyed by a solid social media reponse to a revival.

“All the support means so much to us because it strengthens me when I walk through that door to have that conversation … I can say ‘Look at this’,” she said. “(Nine) may not like (the story outline) and if they don’t like it I’m at peace … everyone’s got to be behind this, if we do it, 3000 per cent because the stakes are very high,” she said.

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