Foxtel ad backs marriage equality

MARRIAGE EQUALITY from FOXTEL Music Channels on Vimeo.

Foxtel has devoted airtime to the Marriage Equality survey with a Foxtel-produced ad running across its music channels.

The ad is authorised by Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh.

This week Foxtel emails also included a footer with the company backing the Yes vote. Foxtel, SBS and TEN are all public supporters of the Equality Campaign run by AME.


      • >>Gruen addressed how that’s bad business for future consumer base.

        Maybe. Whilst social attitudes on a given issue might move on (and having moved forward, usually stay there) the political voting reality doesn’t change. #VoteYes

    • >> its politically incorrect to say that

      Are you sure it’s not because there is no coherent, rational, or reasonable case for the negative?

      There are two principals in play. Firstly, are all adults equal before the law; and secondly should an adults be able to consenually marry another adult they love? This isn’t about political correctness, it’s about equality. #VoteYes

        • Andrew Mercado

          Yep, so blinkered and ignorant that most intelligent people don’t want to be hear ridiculous notions about marring dogs or Nazi mind control
          Well done Foxtel

        • Secret Squïrrel

          I have not heard or read a single cogent reason for voting no, let alone a “good” one.

          It won’t be compulsory for you to marry someone of the same sex, churches won’t have to change their doctrine, it has nothing to do with marrying animals or inanimate objects. It is simply about giving all people the right to marry someone whom they love.

          People raised the same crazy unfounded objections when it was proposed to allow women to vote and yet somehow the sky didn’t fall in. Plenty of countries have legalised same-sex marriage with no problems whatsoever.

          What are you afraid of?

        • Pip – since you’ve made that comment please inform this blinkered and ignorant person why two consenting adults should not be allowed to marry each other? You should be able to back up your assertion. And specifically, how will it affect your life?

  1. Not surprising. I’ve noticed in my Facebook feed, Foxtel’s posts incorporating the rainbow flag in their logo. A positive development for an outlet half owned by Rupert.

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