Hannah Gadsby caps off Edinburgh win

Hannah Gadsby’s stand-up show Nanette was the best-reviewed comedy show at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe according to The List magazine.

Gadsby, who has appeared on Adam Hills Tonight, Please Like Me and her own Hannah Gadsby’s Oz for ABC, was last week awarded Edinburgh’s top festival award with John Robins, the first time the prize has ever been split between two shows in 37 years.

Best reviewed shows:

1. Hannah Gadsby – Nanette
2. The Boy With Tape On His Face is Tape Face
3. Paul Sinha: Shout Out to My Ex
4. Foil, Arms and Hog: Oink
5. Jay Lafferty: Besom
6. Phil Nichol: Your Wrong
7. Tom Ballard: Problematic
8. Lauren Pattison: Lady Muck
9. Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen
10. Rose Matafeo: Sassy Best Friend

Tom Ballard also made the Top 10 with his show Problematic.

Nanette, also won the Barry Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year.

Gadsby recently announced she was retiring from live comedy performing.

However while the list is assembled on a consensus, it doesn’t appear to take account how many reviews each show received, nor the sources of the review.

Source: Chortle

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