Look Me in the Eye: Sept 27

This week on Look Me in the Eye, an estranged father & son, former band mates in a rift and best friends who drifted apart due to postnatal depression.

Bret hasn’t seen or spoken to his father Colin in 35 years. Now, Bret has children of his own and wants his dad back in his life. As teenagers they were best mates in a band together, but Jeff and James’ friendship ended suddenly 10 years ago when Jeff was dropped as lead vocalist with no explanation and the band split. Now Jeff wants to share the hurt he felt all those years ago – and they both want to clear the air. At 16, Sherrie and Bindi quickly became the best of friends, but postnatal depression caused Sherrie to withdraw and they haven’t spoken in 15 years. Sherrie wants to reconnect to see if they can be part of each other’s lives once more.

8:30pm Wednesday on SBS.

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