NSW keen for Logies, Karl threatens boycott.

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has expressed interest in having the TV Week Logie Awards in her state, a push that could dash Queensland’s hopes of hosting the event.

“I think it would be wonderful to have parts of NSW fight for the Logies, whether it’s regional NSW or Western Sydney,” she said this morning.

Like it or not, a NSW event would be much cheaper for TV networks than sending talent to Queensland, and fit better with production schedules.

Meanwhile Karl Stefanovic is so incensed he is even threatening a boycott.

“I’m not happy about this Logies situation with Melbourne,” he said this morning.

“I’m telling you right now if the Logies move from Melbourne I’m boycotting them. I will not be going to the Logies.”

The Gold Logie winner even got confused between state and federal politics, insisting, “This is a joke of giant proportions. Kevin Andrews has lost the plot completely.”

But it is Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews whose govt will no longer invest an estimated $1m as a tourist and economic event.

“For $1 million the advertising Victoria gets is second to none,” Stefanovic continued. “You may as well have the Ekka in Perth. You may as well have the Hamilton Island race week on Fitzroy Island. This is disgusting and I will be boycotting the Logies until they’re back in Melbourne at Crown Casino. Enough from me.”

But Lisa Wilkinson said she was already calling her co-star’s bluff.

With Today‘s “We Love Australia” catch-cry I’m not sure a boycott is wise, especially given he would be expected to front a post-Logies broadcast (and the less said about that the better).

Over on Studio 10 red-carpet devotee Rhonda Burchmore said she was “Absolutely shattered. It is our night for Cinderella to get dressed up….

“It is like Bert and Patty. Melbourne for me – I got my first start on variety television with The Don Lane Show and Bert Newton, Hey Hey it’s Saturday. It’s like moving Carols by Candlelight or the AFL from Melbourne.”

She added that a previous switch to the State Theatre in Sydney was boring.

“They moved it to the State Theatre theatre and they gave you a bag of Maltesers and a bottle of water.

“It was boring. And it went back to Melbourne the next year.”

Sunrise mentioned that a rural Logies would be fun and joked to “put in an early bid for raw and snore.”

Which really just conjures up other images….


  1. It’s a totally reasonable decision, since Victoria really gains no benefit. It doesn’t showcase Melbourne or have any discernible tourism benefit, so why would the state government subsidise it? More to the point, whatever respect or gravitas the Logies might once have had or aspired to, has been in rapid decline for years.

  2. If it means less Karl on tV then move it interstate .i might watch it then.karl is just protecting his mate packer who owns the casino in Melbourne where it’s held .he gets free reign of the crown hotel complex .

  3. As a Melburnian:

    Disappointing? Yes.

    Do I care? No.

    Will a new city work? Of course it will.

    I know Melbourne love to be parochial about having/getting everything & them and Sydney are more like two different countries!

    But it’s time it moved on I suppose.

    I absolutely agree with others though, give Seven or Ten a go. So over the Nine-centric production, I don’t even watch 75% of it anymore.

  4. I have no problem with it being in Melbourne, but why should us taxpayers continue to pay for something that costs more than it’s worth. If they want it to stay in Melbourne then they can pay for it themselves.

  5. Cmon Karl, no matter where it’s held, there’ll still be a bar and Nine will still pay your way so what’s the difference? Besides, don’t you and Today ❤️Australia?

  6. All this garbage that it’s only worked in Melbourne. It’s never worked in Melbourne except for a few overpaid egomaniacs out for a free piss up. Spend the million bucks getting the homeless off the streets of Melbourne and it would be money well spent, or perhaps the multi million dollar Karl has never noticed them. Well of course not he’s having a good time at Crown.

    • But what are you basing “worked” on? It’s been running 60 years next year, how is that a failure? Granted it is the awards we love to hate….many of those who claim it doesn’t rate overlook the way ratings work and the share it actually brings in each year.

  7. Judging by past Gold Logie winners (Karl and that ‘Block’ guy), I think it is a good decision by the Victorian Premier. Let’s hope the money will be spent elsewhere for a worthy cause that benefits Victoria.

  8. Amen to all the comments about Karl – do people care if he wasn’t there? I am from Melbourne and I am just going to get over it. Just because it’s held in another state doesn’t make it less Australian. I can’t say the same about people who threaten to boycott.

  9. Yes Karl stay away …who cares I still think it was a joke that you won a gold logie for laughing like a school girl on national tv every morning ….
    because legends like
    Bert Newton, Graham Kennedy , Daryl Sommers , Ray Meagre was all worthy winners
    Not You
    I really miss the old days of the logies

  10. Yes, Karl, a very good idea to stay away. The less chances you have to make a fool of yourself these days, the better. And with about 2000 others on the industry waitlist for that seat, plenty of people ready to take your place.

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