Rebel Wilson wins record $4.5m in defamation payout

Rebel Wilson has won a whopping $4.56m in her high profile defamation case against Bauer Media -a record figure for defamation in Australia.

Justice John Dixon today said Bauer’s defamation of Rebel Wilson warranted “substantial” damages, ruling the magazine empire’s campaign against the actress was “unprecedented” in Australia.

He ruled she should receive $650,000 in general damages and $3.97 million in special damages.

Rebel Wilson took action against the magazine empire citing loss of income after eight articles published in 2015 that gave the impression she was a serial liar who invented “fantastic stories” including falsifying her age.

In June a jury found in her favour.

The high profile case attracted daily media attention, fans and colourful references to Walt Disney, David Letterman, rapping and Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.

Lawyers had argued the actress should be awarded up to $7m in damages. Prior to the case Wilson offered to settle for $200,000.

Wilson has previously indicated she would donate any monies to charity, scholarships or invest in the Aussie film industry .

Lawyers for Bauer Media said their client is considering the judgement.

Source: Herald Sun


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