Renewed: Pointless

Underdog UK game show Pointless (which once bamboozled the Gogglebox cast) has been renewed by the BBC.

Host Alexander Armstrong and expert assistant Richard Osman will be returning with 165 new shows, ahead of its 10 year anniversary in 2019. New Pointless Celebrities specials have also been announced.

Armstrong said, “I cannot tell you how much I adore hosting Pointless and I’m thrilled that the BBC commissioned us to produce over 200 more episodes. I cannot wait to meet a whole host of Pointless contenders and of course, be reunited with Richard who I’ve genuinely missed. But don’t tell him that.”

Tamara Gilder, Executive Producer said, “Our amazing team are already working away on thousands more ingenious questions, finding lots more Pointless pairs ready to play and creating all sorts of treats for Pointless Celebrities on Saturday nights.”

Pointless airs in Australia on ABC.

Source: Radio Times


  1. Love this show! I describe it as a nerd’s Family Feud – it’s all about the most obscure facts that noone else knows as opposed to the obvious. I never watched it until recently, then I watched dozens of episodes on YouTube – looking forward to it being back on the ABC. I’d suggest Nine adapt it to replace Hot Seat but I doubt they’d have the guts to try something so different to a straight trivia Q&A show.

    • It’s the anti-Family Feud. You score by knowing facts that members of the sample don’t, instead of for guessing the opinions of the sample. A brilliant idea.

  2. Part of me sometimes thinks I’d like to see a local version of this. Then I watch it again and remember it’s the chemistry between the hosts that make it what it is, and you can’t re-create that

    • If there ever was a local version, it would depend on two things, what channel airs it and the hosts. For me ideally ABC would air it and I can only think of any of The Chaser boys to host it.

      • And also if there’s an Australian version there should be a decent lot of money [at least 5-6 figures worth] in each episode to be able to win. (instead of it being all over the place and being at such a ridiculously low amount, like the way it’s £20,000 for contestants to win one night and then the next night it’s a only £1000 for the contestants to win.) Plus whoever manages to make it to the last round should at least get some amount of money for that (and that amount depends on the amount of points they managed to get down for the final round e.g the closer they can get to 0 the better, but the less or further from 0 they are the less they get.
        Or it could be that they have to get it down to at least 25 or 30 to win some amount in which it could be categorised as follows

        Points scored The win this amount
        0-5 $xxxxxx

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