Returning: Bosch

Season three of Bosch starring Titus Welliver returns to SBS later this month.

Updated: The 10 part series kicks off with a double episode premiere at 8:30pm on Thursday, 28 September (it will be 9:35pm a week later as single eps).

This premiered in the US in April.

LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) investigated his mother’s murder for years, but was unable to bring the killer to justice in the end. The ugly truth behind the case has only left him more tense and restless. Bosch’s teenage daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz, The Walking Dead), has come to live with him and ushered into his personal life the everyday responsibilities of being a single father.

Now, between the murder of a homeless veteran, the slaying of another man tied to several unsolved homicides, and a high-profile murder trial involving a Hollywood director, Bosch has taken on his most formidable cases to date.

Episode One: The Smog Cutter (8.35pm)
The ugly truth behind his mother’s murder has left LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch as tense and restless as ever. A homeless veteran is murdered. Bosch works a high-profile trial involving a Hollywood director. The Veronica Allen proceeding nears resolution. Bosch keeps tabs on a long time criminal who’s eluded justice.

Episode Two: The Four Last Things (9.35pm)
A suspected killer whom Bosch has pursued for several years turns up dead in an apparent suicide. Edgar discovers that Harry has a complicated history with the dead man. When the case is later ruled a homicide, Detective Jimmy Robertson develops troubling theories about the culprit.

Thursday, 28 September on SBS.


  1. Where was this great series all my life?????
    It’s going to be nerve wracking to wait until September 28th!
    There is so little on t.v to look forward to. Good writers and actors on this series.

  2. Looking fwd to this. Yeah, 10 eps in the original. Please don’t tell me that SBS are going to creatively edit 2 eps into a single “compilation ep”.

  3. Finally, but are you sure it is only 5 parts David? Previously seasons have been 10 episodes and show the same amount for Season 3. Or by 5 parts do you mean 5 weeks of double episodes?

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