Returning: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Blacklist.

Two US crime procedurals are back on Seven next Monday, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and The Blacklist.

This is season 2 of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders which debuted in the US in MArch before being cancelled. There are 13 eps all up.

Season 5 of The Blacklist begins in the US this Thursday so is getting the fast-track treatment.

9:30pm Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
“Lost Souls”
Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his international response team are called to Tanzania when a 23-member church group disappears.

10:30pm The Blacklist
“Smokey Putnum”
With his criminal empire in ruins, a surprisingly carefree Red enlists Liz in an unlikely plan to simultaneously earn cash and deliver a new Blacklister to the Task Force.


      • Seven know what the Blacklist will rate: not much anymore. They are hoping that Beyond Borders, a new show that will appeal to Criminal Minds fans, will attract more viewers. If they started a new show at 10:30pm it would certainly flop. it at 10:30pm it would definitely flop. Seven is hang in Tue & Wed against the block, they won’t mess with the schedules unless they have to.

        • I see your point if it was a new show, but it’s not a new show. It’s already had 1 season… which had average ratings… And now most viewers will already know that it has been cancelled, some of which won’t bother with this 2nd season.

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