Returning: NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 9 of NCIS: Los Angeles will screen on TEN in early October.

It will screen 9:30pm Tuesday October 3rd, a day after its US return.

Before anybody asks, no there is no word on NCIS itself as yet.

“Party Crashers”
Hetty turns in retirement papers and then disappears, sending the team a frenzy.

It is not long before Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley arrives in Los Angeles to oversee the team. With her arrival comes a flurry of staffing changes.

With Sam still mourning the death of his wife and living in a trailer on the beach, he is adamant that Callen find a new partner.


  1. Wonderful. Thanks for the news David :). I love the ‘Before anybody asks, no there is no word on NCIS itself as yet.’ part, made me laugh. Hopefully that starts this year too! It was disgusting that the previous season didn’t finish airing until after the DVD release

    I don’t see how NCIS could start next week considering it doesn’t start in the US until next Tuesday. If we got it next Tuesday too we’d be getting it first. Ten may be being amazing with NCIS LA with a day later but I don’t think we’ll ever get amazing enough to be before the US :P. The soonest I’d hope for is for both shows to start on October 3rd (which personally I think makes sense to start both together)

  2. Seriously who stuffed up the start date of NCIS? Who? Cause someone had to. You ran a promo giving the exact start date of the new season. What the?
    Do people at ten not know how to use google? Its not rocket science to determine the US start date of a tv show.
    What’s going to be done about it 10 because as a viewer I’ve had enough of start dates getting stuffed around with let alone start times. I was looking forward to the new season of NCIS, now I’m thinking of not watching it anymore. If its not fast tracked as promised I will most likely give it up.
    I hate commercial free to air right now.

      • I agree with you that someone really mucked up but how hard is it to say that instead NCIS will air on the 3rd October. Its the silence that irks me which then leads to speculation like we’ll hold it off till next feb which is a bad idea.

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