Returning: UnREAL

Not to be confused with The Bachelor, US satire UnREAL gets its second season premiere on Free to Air later this month.

Going “behind-the-scenes” of fictional reality series, Everlasting, the second season centres around producer Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) challenges when the show casts its first African-American single -something The Bachelor /Bachelorette franchise actually mirrored with Rachel Lindsay this year.

Season Two, Episode One:
Quinn has recently promoted Rachel to produce season 14 of Everlasting, and Rachel sets out to change history by casting the first African American suitor. When Chet arrives back on set to reclaim control of the show, Rachel and Quinn find the new suitor being swayed by Chet and his new vision.

Tuesday, 26 September at 9.25pm on SBS VICELAND.

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