SBS on Demand: Mama’s Angel, Cromo.

SBS on Demand releases two new international dramas later this month: Mama’s Angel from Israel and 2015 Argentinian drama Cromo, which includes filming in Antarctica (I’m hard pressed to think of a Drama that has done that).

Mama’s Angel
Available Thursday, 28 September
Yael Tamir (Sharon Shtark), a prison therapist, has her life turned upside down when her son is found dead on the eve of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. On the same night, an 18-year-old Ethiopian military service ditcher Rafa (Yoni Meles) is caught vandalising the memorial – and subsequently captured and charged for the murder.

CSI expert Na’ama (Vered Feldman), meanwhile, is dealing with her own troubles. She’s just come out of surgery following a breast cancer scare and returns to a mishandled investigation – she begins to suspect the prosecution have the wrong person.

Mama’s Angel follows the lives of those affected as the ensuing police investigation unfolds.

Available Thursday, 28 September
Based on a true story, Cromo follows a group of environment scientists on a mission to expose environmental crimes in the rural areas of Northern Argentina.
Idealistic scientist Valentina (Emilia Attias) travels to the town of Corrientes to test the local water supply of the dangerous Iberá wetlands. Meanwhile, Valentina’s husband Diego (Guillermo Pfening) and his research partner Simon (German Palacios) are on an expedition of their own at the South Pole, but their work is interrupted by the news that something’s gone terribly awry for Valentina.

As they rush to the wetlands, hoping they are not too late to keep her safe, evidence of an ecological cover-up comes to light — as does the truth about a love triangle that threatens to break the bond of trust between Diego and Simon.


  1. I am surprised a Hollywood movie has never done some filming in Antartica. I would think it could provide cost effective publicity, as every news outlet on earth reported on an A-list star filming on the seventh continent.

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