Sophie Monk brings Bachelorette biggest-ever franchise launch

Just how big was The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk? Very.

It drew 951,000 in total viewers and swept all three demos -that was the biggest ever launch for a Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise so far. On social media #BacheloretteAU trended at #2 on Twitter worldwide last night, #1 nationally in Australia, while Sophie Monk, Jourdan and The Bachelorette all trended nationally.

To be fair it was not enough to knock The Block from top slot, a testament to its staying power. At 1.03m is was narrowly ahead. That left Seven caught in the crossfire at 619,000 for Border Security.

Of the shows that started 8:30 or later Gruen was tops at 773,000 but down on last week’s 903,000. Doctor Doctor was also down.

Seven News and ACA both won their slots.

TEN’s primary channel scored second place over Seven but Nine network won Wednesday with 27.4% then Seven 25.0%, TEN 23.4%, ABC 16.7% and SBS 7.4%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.03m then Nine News (910,000 / 898,000), A Current Affair (786,000), Doctor Doctor (645,000) and Hot Seat (475,000 / 277,000). Embarrassing Bodies Revisits was 212,000.

Seven News (950,000 / 880,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (655,000), Border Security (619,000), The Chase (555,000 / 346,000), The Force (462,000) and Criminal Minds (395,000 / 314,000).

The Bachelorette (951,000) was strong for TEN then The Project (557,000 / 350,000), TEN Eyewitness News (431,000), Movie: Spy (349,000) and Family Feud (328,000).

Gruen (773,000), ABC News (738,000), 7:30 (578,000), Hard Quiz (576,000), Get Krack!n (378,000), Grand Designs (220,000), The Edge of the Bush (183,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (157,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Extreme Railway Journeys (268,000), Look Me in the Eye (173,000), SBS World News (162,000) and The Good Fight (155,000). The Handmaid’s Tale was 82,000.

ABC2 swept the top 20 of the multichannels led by Shaun the Sheep on 257,000.

Sunrise: 284,000
Today: 252,000
News Breakfast: 100,000 / 51,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 20 September 2017.


  1. Don’t normally watch the Bach but tuned in for Sophie.
    She’s lovely – funny, genuine and completely unpretentious.

    But wow, what a shocking selection of guys overall, (with the exception of a couple.)
    Some complete losers in there and the behaviour of some was ridiculously immature and embarrassing. Also many are way too young for her.
    Poor Sophie … she deserves much better.

    • Agree with your view on Sophie and the selection of guys. It just makes me think that they had started casting prior to getting Sophie on board and tweaked it as they locked in Sophie.

  2. I actually watched the show (first time ever) and really enjoyed Sophie. As for the 2 guys who weren’t given roses – it was pretty obvious it was going to be one of the guys who got almost zero air time. I didn’t even know who they were until they left. A lot of focus on – I guess – the ones who will be in the finale. Won’t name them cos I’ve been wrong before.

  3. I really enjoyed watching Sophie, especially the part with the little boys and thought she was wonderful with them. The part I was very disappointed in was at the end giving out the roses and off course they wait until the last couple of roses before giving one to the token bad guy. Ughhh I thought he was very creepy.

  4. The Bachelorette (‘Sophie’s Choice’ at our house) was entertaining. She is great to watch although I left it for Gruen before returning for the rose ceremony. I can’t to see how it unfolds and you can’t help but hope she chooses the right guy. What great casting landing her.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    I said that Monk was a good get. I think it’s her genuine down-to-earthness and frank assessment of her own foibles that people warm to. It’s not my thing so I didn’t watch the show but good on her.

    Like some others I didn’t watch Gruen as I prefer the “wait there’s more” version on Thursday. I did catch up with Glitch which I missed on Friday. Accidentally watched 4 eps…

    Agree with Mylene that The Last Leg repeats are pretty pointless. They’ve become ABC’s late evening QI.

  6. How does the ABC get away with showing repeats of The Last Leg? It’s a show that discusses events of the last week so showing episodes originally shown in January where the main topic is the ineptness of Jeremy Corbyn is a complete waste of airtime. Even the celebrity guests mainly discuss the events of that week back in January. There’s no way anybody not living in a cave would waste their time watching this show on repeat.

  7. Get Krack!n was hiliarous last night the best so far, didn’t watch Greun last night as I wait until Thursday and watch the Gruen XL version for the extra 10 minutes (there version of 10% more I guess). Apart from that there is little on offer that I watch on a Wednesday, now Mad As Hell is gone I feel it’s a day left wanting, ah well though it is what it is.

    • Get Krack!n would be a lot funnier if every second word wasn’t the “F” word. Seriously, the writers of that show should spend a little more time on their jokes. It’s like they give up after the first attempt and just throw in some profanity to mask their inability to write actual comedy. Or maybe I just don’t get modern hipster comedy. (End of old man rant).

      Also, pity about those ratings for The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s the best thing on TV at the moment (anywhere in the world). Maybe everyone binged watched it online before it was on TV?

      • Get Krack!n a bit better last night but still not liking it as much as the Katering Show.
        Funny in parts but often just doesn’t quite work.
        The bit with McCartney and the home styling guy was good thoughl -the look on his face was priceless.
        Love poor old Mern, the floor manager.

      • It’s all subjective to personal tastes I guess, for some reason Get Krack!n appeals to me and the profanities don’t bother me at all where as in other shows they do. For instance I find the use of the f word either o nit’s own or with mother infront annoying in The Good Fight, the new season of Suits and it annoys me in Mad As Hell to name but 3 and that’s as a person born in May 1961 (56).

        As for The Handmaid’s Tale, yeah I actually paid to watch it via Fetch TV (it was/is on Google Play and iTunes as well), back in April. I started to rewatch again on SBS OnDemand and found the ads got in the way (even if only 30 second ones), so I imagine on SBS proper it would be worse and make it seem even more dragged out.

  8. I have always like Sophie Monk, such a lovely person who admits her flaws and embraces her characteristics! She was so cute meeting all the blokes!
    You could see she was genuine and made some obvious connections.

    Shame I missed the last three minutes as I planned for a 15 minute overtime not 18!

    Who didn’t get a rose? Thanks in advance

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