Sunday Night: Sept 17

ABBA fans may be interested in this weekend’s Sunday Night edition which features interviews with Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog.

40 years on they discuss “sensitive” secrets from their Australian tour (will they go on the record about actor Robert Hughes who was in ABBA: The Movie?) and there is a mention of competition with John Paul Young -possibly a battle for #1?

The promo indicates a “Top Secret Project the world has been waiting for”, but this week it was revealed a virtual reality project which can tour in their (physical) absence in 2019.

Still, interviews with the revered popsters is reason enough to warrant fan attention.

This Sunday Night, we celebrate a very special anniversary.

Forty years ago, Australia was gripped by ABBA mania.

The young Swedes were mobbed everywhere they went.

Young and old lined the streets and packed their concerts.

We embraced them wholeheartedly as honorary Aussies.

Which was fitting, because without Australia, they might not have become one of the greatest music groups on earth.

Reporter Rahni Sadler, who has been following them for years, now celebrates that tour Down Under and unveils the secret plan for a spectacular ABBA reunion.

8pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this. I think they were offered at one time a billion dollars to reform. It doesn’t seem that long ago (the 70s) when I had my ABBA knee high socks, my ABBA iron on transfer I put on my ringer T-shirt, and the ABBA Arrival album. Not to mention the ABBA bubble gum cards….

  2. Benny and Bjorn not only wrote some amazing pop songs, but their production in the studio was immaculate. Every single note, rhythm, voice, harmony- everything was planned and worked within an inch of it’s life.

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