Sunday Night: Sept 24

On Sunday Night this weekend Steve Pennells investigates the 2002 disappearance of Wangaratta mother Kath Bergamin while Alex Cullen reports on injuries during kids’ sports.

Without a Trace
King Valley in Victoria’s rugged high country is a picture-postcard landscape. But it is also the setting for one of Australia’s most baffling mysteries. Fifteen-years ago, mother-of-three Kath Bergamin disappeared without a trace from her Wangaratta home. Her body was never found but there was evidence pointing to abduction and murder. At the time, police suspected Kath’s husband was involved. But they couldn’t prove it, and a murder charge against him was dropped. Now, a new team of investigators is on the case and there’s a one million-dollar reward on offer for information. They believe there are people who know more than they are willing to say about what happened to Kath. And incredibly, they believe that includes members of Kath’s own family. Sunday Night reporter Steve Pennells has this major investigation.

Watching the kids play sport on the weekend is a ritual for most families. But the elation when your child scores a goal or touches down for a try can be filled with fear – what if something goes wrong? What if they’re injured? Sadly, these fears are justified. More children are being injured than ever before and the injuries are frightening. Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen reports.

Sunday at 8pm on Seven.

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