Survivor twist: cast member works for Nine.

This may be a first….

In the relatively small pool of Australian media it was probably only a matter of time before a reality TV contestant on one network actually works for another in their day job.

That’s just the case for Australian Survivor‘s Peter, who is currently working with the Digital Sales team for 9NOW.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

At the time of filming he was not employed by Nine, but TV Tonight understands he was both prior and after filming, re-hired on a freelance basis.

It’s not a breach of any show rules and both TEN and producers Endemol Shine happily signed off on his casting with full knowledge. No doubt he isn’t there to spy on network practice and it probably demonstrates his knack for flexible allegiances, perfect for Survivor strategising.

The 22 year old who this week ‘mutinied’ from Asaga to Samatau tribes is still in the running for the $500,000 prize, but it would be pretty amusing if a Nine ‘staffer’ ended up winning a TEN show.

What’s next former Seven publicists hired as Gogglebox critics? Oh wait a minute…..


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