TEN staff “excited” over CBS deal

Yesterday’s vote in favour of CBS was a major win for CBS -and for Network TEN staff.

The vote went overwhelmingly to CBS, described by TEN News as “a humiliating corporate defeat ton millionaire mates Lachlan Murdoch and Bruce Gordon (which would have gone down a treat airing on WIN).

“Murdoch’s lawyers had tried to put off today’s creditors meeting,” said reporter Ursula Heger, “but when that was put to a vote, they were the only hands raised in the room.”

No doubt staff had a gutfull of recent mismanagement, constant talk of cutbacks and lack of investment. As TV Tonight revealed last week, Gordon & Murdoch had also planned to cease leasing TEN offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide. By contrast, the wealthy CBS had no such plans.

“Everybody was going to do equal or better under CBS,” an unnamed employee told Reuters.

“Staff were concerned about the impact on the company or the newsroom if the CBS offer was rejected. Staff are more excited about the company under CBS than they are under the other deal.”

But while the vote was passed the CBS still needs the approval of the Foreign Investment Board and Gordon & Murdoch may yet seek to appeal a court ruling this week, and could go to court again, with FOX, when KordaMentha applies to have shares in the broadcaster transferred to CBS.


    • Totally agree about breakfast tV I am a big fan of cbs this morning watch it every day would love to see TEN do an Aussie version with Sandra sully and Melissa Doyle as two of the three presenters so over sunrise and today both lame same same identical boring payola driven shows for the dumb and dumber audience.

  1. As viewing and advertising move online and revenue declines all networks are going to have to cut staff. The Government handing them virtually free spectrum will buy them a bit more time but won’t stop the change. The newsroom staff clearly didn’t want to be replaced with Sky News and the rest of them didn’t want to be moved to Fox’s offices at North Ryde. CBS is paying 21C Fox an extra $8m to smooth relations with them and Murdoch. Gordon may try appeal, but the court handing Ten to Gordon over the decision of the creditors, after he sold his debt to CBS would be absurd.

  2. It’s not very often the staff get to vote on who their new boss will be. Usually a takeover is announced in the morning newspapers and the staff arrive at work with a new boss.

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