The Block: “Go F*** Yourself”

Language please…!

On building sites it may be common to drop the odd profanity, and it may well be allowable in a PG 7:30pm timeslot.

But it isn’t exactly putting your best foot forward as a network, when The Block website headlines an episode summary with  “Go F*** Yourself”.

“My budget it f***** and we all know that and I need money to finish,” Jason explained, not budging on his terms.  

“15,000 dollars for four hours, go f*** yourself,” Georgia said fuming as she walked away. “I would rather not put in a swimming pool than give him 15 grand,” Ronnie added.  

“Our neighbours are f****, basically,” Georgia summarised.

Nine’s renovation show, believe it or not, is eminently popular with kids.

Producer Julian Cress recently told TV Tonight, “We didn’t know we were making a show for kids but when it went to air it was a show that parents and kids wanted to watch together. So we’ve always been conscious of that whenever we’ve made a series.”

Won’t somebody think of the children?


  1. These competition shows are pretty much all that is available for families, unless the parents want to watch designated kids’ shows (not bad if they are as good as Horrible Histories). While it appreciated when the bleep is used, the young teens of course know exactly what has been bleeped. How about editing so that the language is not shown, or even better, have the contestants show some class and speak with their audience in mind. Mouthing off just shows a lack of class.

  2. Haha my elderly mother had seen some of The Bachelorette promos where Sophie Monk described herself as a ‘massive bogan’. Mum asked me what a bogan was, I recommended she watch Ch 9 any night when A Current Affair was followed by The Block and she could see a couple of hours of them!

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