The Living Room: Sept 15

This week on The Living Room is in Ireland, and Miguel makes a wedding cake for under $100.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Churros Wedding Cake
The average wedding cost more than $36,000 but with smart thinking and DIY, it can save big dollars. Michelle and Liam are getting married and cannot afford an expensive wedding so they are looking for ways to control their budget. Miguel shows them how to make an affordable and impressive cake for just $100.

Travel with Chris Brown: Matchmaker Island
While touring Ireland’s spectacular west coast, Chris is introduced to a third generation Irish matchmaker called Willy Dallie. Every year the town of Lisdoonvarna holds its annual Matchmaking Festival, the biggest in Europe and people come from all around the world in the hope to find a partner. Chris decides to try his luck with Willy’s 150-year-old ‘lucky book’ but can Willy find the future Mrs. Brown?

Renovations with Barry du Bois: Renovation Rescue – Backyard Wedding
Karen is a wedding celebrant with a dream of wanting to be able to hold weddings in her own backyard. The area she wants to use is dated, disjointed and currently not suitable. Barry uses some smart DIY ideas to update the pergola, replace the existing pool fence with glass to create a more spacious area to hold weddings.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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  1. I don’t know who writes these releases, but I do wish they would learn to write good, as Zoolander would agree.
    Read the first line of the Wedding Cake blurb as proof the copywriter is, um, challenged in the writing department,
    Really guys, with ratings now down in the mid 300,000 range , The Living Room really needs a makeover itself. And hasn’t Dr Chris done the Irish Matchmaking story before ? Or is this a sneaky repeat ?

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