‘USS Discovery’ flies above NYC in Star Trek stunt

An Australian company was behind a clever stunt above New York to promote newest Star Trek series.

A black hawk helicopter flew a suspended “U.S.S. Discovery” over New York on Saturday night in a promo stunt for Star Trek: Discovery.

CBS commissioned Australian company Remarkable Media to create the illusion using LED lights attached to a two-ton exoskeleton.

Remarkable Media CEO Simon Powell said: “Star Trek is such an iconic TV and film series that is loved by many, so we were thrilled to be asked by CBS to bring the U.S.S Discovery to life and take it to the skies of New York to promote its latest incarnation.

“It was one of the most challenging aerial executions we have done, but the effect of it flying across the New York skyline at night was stunning.”

Last year Remarkable Media scored a Guinness World Record after partnering with MTV to fly the world’s largest flying digital video screen for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Star Trek: Discovery begins today on Netflix.

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    1. I wait till I can watch half seasons at a time for all serialised dramas anyway, so the wait for DVDs isn’t massively long for me. I get to spend hundred dollars a month for all streaming and pay tv channels elsewhere.

      1. Netflix is 10 bucks. Prefer to watch a great show and be excited to watch it each week. They are showing it in 2 parts (8 eps then a break then 7 eps). So you will be waiting at least 6 month… if they even bother releasing on DVD… it’s a dying format.
        Anyway each to their own.

    2. This objection to waiting puzzles me, for any show in production there’ll be waiting, after I’ve watched the first 2 eps I’ll be waiting for the next one then the one after that (and so on) – hell after I’ve watched the whole season, I’ll be waiting for the next season.
      The shows without waiting are old show that were cancelled/ended.

  1. Just watched the first ep on Netflix and liked it a lot, but I also liked Enterprise so what do I know? Its bang up-to-date with CG, the sets and costumes and a good opening store. Ep2 is also out so can’t wait to see the 2nd part of the opening story. Given this is on Netflix I’m not sure if it will ever make it to DVD/BluRay.

    1. Thanks Craig. Netflix made series, such as House of Cards definitely go to dvd. It remains to be seen if a CBS made for streaming series goes to dvd.

      I didn’t like, or finish Enterprise yet have affection for 3 of the actors in it (Phlox, Reed and Trip.) I shall have to try watching Enterprise again someday so I can sort out my confusion.

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