Vale: Liz Dawn

Retired UK performer Liz Dawn, best known for Coronation Street has died, aged 77.

She died peacefully on Monday night.

Dawn, whose real name was Sylvia Butterfield, played Vera Duckworth on the British soap for 34 years, first appeared on Coronation Street in 1974. She remained on the soap until 200, returning briefly in 2010 as a ghost.

On behalf of ITV and the programme, Coronation Street’s executive producer, Kieran Roberts, said: “Liz Dawn was a true Coronation Street legend, a brilliant actor and a wonderful person. Everyone lucky enough to have worked with Liz during her 34 years playing Corrie icon Vera Duckworth will remember her with huge affection.”

Coronation Street screens in Australia on UKTV.

Source: The Guardian

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  1. Liz Dawn played one of my favourite characters in Coronation. The on air partnership of her and Bill Tarmey is one the best on air partnership in soaps around the world. That partnership reminds me of my Grandparents who came from about 20kms from England.

    RIP Liz Dawn

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