60 Minutes: Oct 15

NZ born woman who claims to be another of Harvey Weinstein's victims has had to apologise for naming the wrong man as his assistant.

60 Minutes speaks to Zoe Brock a NZ born model who claims to be another of Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

However Brock has also admitted to a “huge mistake” by incorrectly implicating former co-chairman of NBC Entertainment Ben Silverman as an assistant of Weinstein who aided in her assault.

Silverman was the executive producer of such shows as The Office, Jane The Virgin, Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser, and the US version of Kath & Kim.


The End
The end credits are rolling on Harvey Weinstein’s stellar movie career. The Hollywood producer, whose films have been nominated for a staggering 300 Academy Awards, has finally been exposed for his extraordinary abuse of power and position. For decades he preyed upon young, attractive women who were trying to make their way in the film industry. And just as unfathomable as the man’s disgraceful lechery is that he was enabled by a group of colleagues now accused of turning a blind eye. Zoe Brock, who grew up in Australia with ambitions to be in the movie business, adds her name to an ever increasing list of Weinstein victims.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Phil Goyen

The Girl with Blue Eyes
Raudha Athif was a stunning cover model known all over the world as “The girl with the blue eyes”. But what few people knew was that she was much more committed to a career in medicine than photoshoots. At 21, Raudha was attending university in Bangladesh and had plans to join her family in Australia to finish her studies and become a doctor. But in March this year she was found dead in her college dorm room. Police claimed it was suicide, but in a 60 MINUTES special investigation Peter Stefanovic discovers substantial evidence that points to murder. The question for her grief-stricken family is why?
Reporter: Peter Stefanovic
Producer: Laura Sparkes

The Virgin King
There’s never been a billionaire businessman quite like Sir Richard Branson. He’s part entrepreneur, part adventurer, part crusader and 100 per cent showman. But the boss of the Virgin empire is having such an extraordinary life that he’s just written another autobiography. And now there’s even material for a third book, because when Liz Hayes sat down with Sir Richard in New York it was only days after he’d survived Irma, the hurricane that wiped out his island paradise in the Caribbean.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Nick Greenaway

End of the Line
Last Sunday plenty of champagne and beer flowed when Holden celebrated victory in the famous Bathurst 1000 car race. But next Friday will be an even more momentous occasion for the company. Toasts will be replaced with tears though when the last Holden rolls off the assembly line in Adelaide. It’s a moment that will also mark the end of car-making in Australia. With 700 companies linked to the existence of Holden it means up to 40,000 jobs could disappear. But the future for the soon-to-be ex-employees is not as bleak as many might think. And that’s because of the enormous community effort to support them. So while the workers might be seeing big business at its cruellest, they’re also seeing humanity at its best.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producers: Howard Sacre, Michelle Tapper

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.

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