60 Minutes: Oct 8

Two backpackers from Germany & Brazil who survived a 2016 attack by kidnapper Roman Heinze will feature in a 60 Minutes story on Sunday.

A South Australian court, which convicted Heinze of crimes against four foreign backpackers, including aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault, recently lifted a state suppression order on their names to allow a ‘lucrative’ media deal. Nine has confirmed an “undisclosed sum.”

Under state law, victims of sexual offending can only be identified if they personally give consent to media outlets.

Heinze is is appealing against his sentence and conviction.

Escape from Salt Creek
Until February last year few people had ever heard of Salt Creek, a rugged and spectacular piece of coastline 200 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. But then a monster named Roman Heinze lured two 23-year-old overseas backpackers to the isolated beach. To satisfy his wicked fantasies, Heinze kidnapped the unsuspecting women and subjected them to unthinkable terror. The trauma went on for hours, but against the odds, Lena from Germany and her friend from Brazil survived. What happened at Salt Creek has eerie similarities to the Australian horror movie Wolf Creek, only it’s all too real. On 60 Minutes, Lena and her friend tell Tara Brown their incredible story of escape from Salt Creek, their desperate battle to save themselves and each other, and how they proved courage can conquer evil.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stefanie Sgroi, Sean Power, Alice Dalley

There are no shades of grey when it comes to music superstar Pink. Her views are black and white and she’s not backward when it comes to sharing them. In these days of bubblegum-pop and disposable celebrities, that makes Pink an even bigger hit with her fans. So along with “rocker”, the titles “protestor” and “feminist icon” should also probably be printed on her business card. But as Allison Langdon finds out after spending a few days with Pink and her family, the labels she loves even more are wife and mum.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Steven Burling

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. I hsve never taken a real interest in Pink.However, after your interview, I am going to chase up all of her music.
    Pink needs to be in us all. She gives her all, and shows us that we can be empowered, and have hope of a better day!
    She is a genuine, selfless representation of humanity.

  2. I could have been dead. In 1965 age 14 I was taken Narrawong beach by three men and raped.The magistrate said go easy on them they wanted to marry and have families.I have never been able to thank the farmer who saved me. I hope he is watching.Thankyou.

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