ABC ME greenlights My Year 7 Life

ABC ME will screen a sequel to its documentary series My Year 12 Life next year.

My Year 7 Life will follow grade 6 kids getting ready for high school, showing the intensity is just as stressful, for students and parents alike.

The Princess Pictures production drew high praise for its first raw series in which 14 teenagers filmed their own stories, without producers or crew in the way. It won a Mental Health Matters Media Award and is currently in the running for a Screen Producers Australia award.

My Year 12 Life will be repeated from Sunday 19 November followed by a new Where Are They Now? special on Thursday 14 December on ABC ME.

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  1. Great idea for a show. it will be a real insight into what’s going on out there with all the kids living with so much technology and social media and the stress of that. its such a different world from 30 years ago.

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