Airdate: Family Food Fight

As tipped, Family Food Fight premieres on Nine at 7:30pm Monday October 30, the night after The Block auction.

The series sees Matt Moran, Tom Parker Bowles, Anna Polyviou and Hayden Quinn judging six families who specialise in different home-cooking cuisines: Vietnamese, Lebanese, Greek, Italian and Australian x 2.

The Endemol Shine-produced series includes a $100,000 prize for the title of Australia’s Number One Food Family.

In challenges containing a range of family staples and varied cuisine for the competition’s esteemed judges, these families of four will be dishing up all-time favourite feasts. They will all cook the food we at home love to eat. They’ll be catering for special occasions too, feeding an array of special guests, and recreating tried and true recipes from some of Australia’s best chefs.

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Matt Moran is Family Food Fight’s lead judge, assisted by high-energy, mohawked uber-pastry chef Anna Polyviou, and popular foodie and cookbook author, Hayden Quinn. They will watch on from behind the scenes and comment on the families’ cooking style and prowess before diving in to taste and judge each delicious dish. Internationally renowned food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles also joins the team as a judge, adding considerable clout with his finely tuned palate.

Tapping into each family’s unique culture, along with their countless culinary influences, Family Food Fight is rich in tradition and home-style cooking. At its heart are sumptuous meals and family recipes that have been shared down the generations. The focus is on accessible meals and aspirational home cooking that will inspire budding home cooks across the nation to don their aprons and get into the kitchen together.

With a mix of fast-paced cooking fun, heaped helpings of good humour and healthy rivalries (plus a few fireworks) the competition will capture each family’s dynamic: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, kids, husbands and wives, all cooking their hearts out as they strive to claim the coveted top spot and take home the $100,000 prize.

Pitted against each other, but united by the universal language of food, our six teams will pull together as only families can, cooking with tender loving care to bring Family Food Fight to life.

7:30pm Monday October 30 on Nine.


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