Airdate: Keeping Australia Safe

Chris Bath narrates a six part factual series about national security for ABC.

Chris Bath’s name may be in contention to join Today but she will be part of an ABC documentary series before any of that eventuates.

The former Seven presenter narrates ABC’s upcoming Keeping Australia Safe, a six part factual series about national security, produced by the ITV team behind Keeping Australia Alive.

Is Australia safe? Do we feel safe? Are the threats we face real or perceived? Are we putting the right resources into the right areas? And what is the cost, other than money, of keeping Australia safe?

Keeping Australia Safe is arguably the most ambitious observational documentary series ever undertaken in Australia.

More than 24 government and private institutions granted privileged access for cameras to record their operations over the same 48-hour period. The entire 6-part series was shot in 2 days – revealing what it takes to protect our national security and personal security and at what cost (to the budget and to who we are).

8:30pm Tuesday November 7 on ABC.

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