Airdate: Movie: Holding the Man

I don’t often write posts about movies but Holding the Man is deserving of attention.

The 2015 film has a swag of glowing reviews and nominations.

Based on the much loved and hugely successful memoir and stage play of the same name, Holding the Man is the warm, funny and achingly sad story of the 15-year-long love affair between Timothy Conigrave and the boy he fell in love with at high school, John Caleo. The course of teenage love rarely runs smooth, but this is especially true when you’re secretly gay in an Aussie all-male school in the 1970s, and entranced by the captain of the football team.

Directed by award-winner Neil Armfield, starring Ryan Corr and Craig Scott, and features Guy Pearce, Sarah Snook, and Anthony LaPaglia.

8:40pm Friday on SBS.


  1. The best Australian film since Lantana. As a big fan of the book and the play, I thought Ryan Corr when his casting was announced, but then was stunned by his fine performance as Tim in this fine adaptation. Thanks David for letting us know – this is a great one to watch.

  2. I’ve read the book twice, seen the stage production, and the film, but was a little disappointed in the film. I felt it didn’t live up to the hype, and unlike the book and play, I didn’t cry during the film. Perhaps I had cried enough already. Having said all that, I will watch again on SBS

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