Airdate: Wolf Creek

Stan exclusive miniseries is coming to Free to Air after all.

An interesting move by Nine to screen Stan original drama Wolf Creek next week.

The 6 part drama, which screened on Stan in 2016, sees John Jarratt reprise his role, joined by Lucy Fry and Dustin Clare.

When American Eve Thorogood and her family take a vacation in the Australian Outback, they get more than they bargained for in the shape of a monster named Mick Taylor.

It’s good new for interested viewers who had not subscribed to Stan, but it does also signal that Stan’s exclusivity can be fluid if viewers are prepared to wait long enough. As a Free to Air first it will probably also attract local quota points for Nine, and perhaps this is part of the reasoning.

In any case you can catch the first episode 9:0pm Thursday on Nine.

A second season is due in 2018.

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  1. Considering Stan is 50/50 Nine and Fairfax, why not put it on next year 6 weeks before the 2nd season is about to air so they can advertise it as starting on Stan the following week.

    1. Why not screen it now and before it S2 airs on Stan with promotion? Netflix owns all the rights to nearly all its content and is prepared to forgo cinema, FTA and Pay TV revenue for their shows and movies. Stan had exclusive first run rights for 18 months and can advertise that as exclusive. Stan either doesn’t own the broadcast rights, or needed to monetise them. Depends on how Emu Creek, Screentime, Stan and Nine sorted out the rights.

      1. True plus by memory for Season 2 Lionsgate Television are chipping in for production this time around. As Season 1 aired in the US on basic cable POP TV (50/50 Lionsgate and CBS) and when POP TV bought the rights to the second season I vaguely remember that being part of the deal (so they can air it as it airs here this time). Plus Screentime has been part of the French company Banijay Group/Rights for the past 5 years so it may well come down to how the rights are sorted here and around the world like you say.

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