Auditions: Love Island

Casting is now open for 2018 9GO! reality series Love Island.

The dating series will be filming in Spain so applicants must be aged 18 and hold a valid passport. Maximum age is 35 according to the casting notice.

You can apply here.

Taking the hottest international reality show format right now and unleashing it on 9GO! and 9Now, the multi-million-dollar stripped format commission, Love Island Australia, will see sexy young Aussie singles on the lookout for romance, jetting off to a summer paradise to find love in the sun in Spain.

Not only must they must choose their partner wisely and stay the course as sexy new singles enter the island, but they also must win the hearts of the public, convincing them – and themselves – that their newfound love is real.

Throughout weeks of dates, challenges, eliminations and sexy new singles, all in front of our eyes, viewers will get to decide who they want to stay, who they want to boot, and ultimately who they want to crown the hottest couple on Love Island Australia. The winning couple are handed a pot of money to start their new lives together, but there’s a catch: one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for them self. Were they after love or money all along?


  1. Love the tagline for this story on the front page:
    “Sexy singles ready to turn it on in Spain? 9GO! has your number.”

    Yeah, right. So what they are looking for is a bunch of wankers… but only if your thin and within a 18-35 age range… to head to Spain (once ruled by muslims but now a predominately catholic country) and engage in behaviour likely to offend both the Spanish and Australians alike.

    I hope 9 are aware it’s illegal to wear a swimsuit away from the beach in the seaside cities of Spain.

    This is asking for trouble and I would not be surprised if at least one of the cast members ends up on banged up abroad later on.

  2. jezza the first original one

    On one hand we have high profile people being quite rightly condemned for their behaviour and then we have Love Island….almost porn tv that exploits its participants mostly on appearance….mmmm…it’s a mad world

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