Bachelorette intruder: “I’m separated”

A Bachelorette intruder last night confirmed one of the show’s worst-kept secrets: that he is already married.

Media have been speculating about Sydney publican Stuart Laundy’s involvement in the series, including that he is a favourite to make it to the finale.

Last night Laundy, 44, was one of four ‘older’ intruders competing for Sophie Monk’s attention.

But Laundy (pictured second from right) who admitted to having met Monk before, also told her he has been separated from his wife for 4 years.

It’s believed to be the first time the show has included a suitor who is not unmarried. And he is also reportedly the heir to an estimated $500 million family fortune.

“I’ve been pretty clear that I enjoyed married life with my ex-wife,” he also told News Corp. “I enjoyed my children and it wasn’t my decision (to end the relationship). I was heartbroken. But you don’t want to be lonely so I’ve been trying to meet someone.”


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