Denise Drysdale: “I was 16 when someone propositioned me”

Veteran performer Denise Drysdale today was asked about sexual harassment in the Australian entertainment industry.

On Studio 10 she recalled an incident during her early career.

“I learned to deal with it early on,”  she said.

“But I’m from a different era. We had to get tough young.

“I was 16 when someone propositioned me. A very high profile person,” she continued.

But Drysdale had a plan to thwart the man who wanted to become her manager.

“I made him walk from the Savoy Hotel at the bottom of Collins Street to the top of Bourke Street. And he was a big bloke. He wanted to get a cab and I said, ‘No, let’s walk, it’s a nice day!’ That was after the confrontation in the room.

“He took me up to Florentinos and we sat down and he sat with some (other) people, so he completely ignored me.

“The waiter came and said ‘Such and such will pay for your lunch,’ but I said ‘I don’t want any lunch’ and got up and left.”


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