Gone: Hollyoaks

UKTV has pulled British soap Hollyoaks from its scheduling.

The long-running soap has been on the channel since 2013.

A UKTV spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We’ve decided to remove Hollyoaks from our programming line-up and have stopped airing the show as of October 12.

“We still have a strong line-up of soaps on the channel, and have been listening to viewer feedback about getting more up-to-date. We’ve recently caught up with both EastEnders and Coronation Street, so that we’re now just one week behind the UK premiere, and will be airing double episodes of Emmerdale from October 16.”

At this stage there is no other Australian outlet for Hollyoaks fans to get their fix, which will make it tough to avoid spoilers.


  1. harrypotter1994

    This would be a great investment for a streaming service. Fans of the show would have to stay signed up year round due to the large number of episodes. Win win.

  2. Cue those VPN’s to access overseas streaming services. The days of local broadcasters being gatekeepers must surely be at and end despite efforts to shut the gates.

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