Gruen beats 3-way drama battle

There were three local dramas battling it out in the same timeslot last night with Nine’s Doctor Doctor emerging as victor with 735,000 viewers for it season finale.

TEN’s The Wrong Girl followed with 408,000 and 360,000 for its season finale with SBS newcomer Sunshine on 228,000.

But ABC’s Gruen pipped them all to claim the timeslot with 813,000 viewers, down slightly on last week.

The Block beat The Bachelorette leaving Seven’s Grand Tour debut in fourth place just behind 7:30 -the network is still struggling to get out of that 500k range.

Seven News, The Chase & ACA won their slots.

Nine won Wednesday with a 31.3% share then Seven 24.5%, TEN 19.8%, ABC 16.8% and SBS 7.5%.

The Block was #1 with 1.22m viewers then Nine News (918,000 / 908,000), A Current Affair (853,000), Doctor Doctor (735,000), Hot Seat (470,000 / 265,000) and The Bubble Wrap Boy (267,000).

Seven News was best for Seven with 973,000 / 926,000 then Home and Away (670,000), The Chase (558,000 / 387,000) and The Grand Tour (508,000). Behave Yourself was just 222,000 and Criminal Minds was 199,000.

The Bachelorette (828,000) led for TEN then The Project (537,000 / ), TEN Eyewitness News (458,000), The Wrong Girl (408,000 / 360,000) and Family Feud (352,000).

Gruen (813,000) topped ABC’s night followed by ABC News (684,000), Hard Quiz (591,000), 7:30 (536,000), Get Krack!n (388,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (217,000).

On SBS it was Extreme Railway Journeys (273,000), Sunshine (228,000), SBS World News (152,000) and Riviera (148,000).

Shaun the Sheep clicked multichannels to a sheer 206,000.

Sunrise: 284,000
Today: 261,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 40,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 18 October 2017


  1. Great ending for Doctor Doctor, glad to read it will be back next year.

    Yet to catch up on the last 2 episodes of The Wrong Girl, but going off the numbers this season I imagine it won’t be returning next year.

    • Yes, really enjoyed the ending as well – look forward to Season 3 of Doctor Doctor next year.
      This show has really grown on me – some great characters and the two leads, Rodger and Hayley, are great.
      Just googled her… never realised she was Mandy McElhinney’s sister – definitely a strong family resemblance there.
      She also reminds me a lot of Penny Cook as the vet in A Country Practice – same voice and similar character.

    • I just can’t see Chris and Karl working well together.
      I think Lisa had a lot of patience for Karl, and Chris is doing great on radio at the moment.
      If you balance up evenings or radio, vs. early morning with Karl, no contest.

  2. We can thank Victor Gruen for putting the milk fridge right at the back of the supermarket and Todd Sampson for “Browse at Westfield, Buy on eBay”. Some of Get Krack!n fake news banner items can be offensive. A respectable figure for The Grand Tour on FTA although diehard fans would have seen it elsewhere.

    • I know she’s just filling in but Deborah Knight is not the right fit for the show. Interestingly the readers of this site have voted Chris Bath as their first choice (at the time of me writing this) which I 100% agree with – she’s full of personality, likeable and would be great.

      • Daughter said Chris Bath has been popping up on Studio 10 and elsewhere on TEN. Testing?
        So, if Chris does very early mornings with 9 and husband Jim nights on 7 (Sydney), not a good family lifestyle…but then maybe a few $M sort of compensate for that, for some.

          • Yes, Sunrise and Today’s ratings will no doubt be interesting over coming weeks.

            And yes, I would love to see Chris Bath get the gig, she’s someone I immediately thought could work well with Karl. Only thing is her identity and age, perhaps Nine’s “new direction” will be younger, completely different personality?

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