Hughesy quits The Footy Show

A contract clash sees comedian leave AFL world and head back to TEN.

Dave Hughes has quit The AFL Footy Show after three seasons, to return to TEN for his own panel show, Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

“I am out of contract with Channel Nine and this Channel TEN deal is going to mean I can’t be a regular on a rival network during the term of the deal which is up until midyear next year, which means I could not be a regular on The Footy Show,” Hughes told the Daily Telegraph.

The new panel show sees him solve problems, alongside guest comedians and entertainers.

On Nine’s Footy Show, Hughes was frequently the target of opinionated football fans, despite his previous run with TEN’s defunct Before the Game.

Last week it was reported both Paul “Fatty” Vautin and Darryl Brohman would depart the NRL Footy Show as part of a show “refresh.”

Hughesy, We Have a Problem will premiere in 2018.

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  1. I find it Interesting that nine didn’t mind sharing him by letting him do other projects like HYBPA on TEN but it seems Ten now have him on a short leash with his new Contract and wont let him do the footy show

    1. Did he indicate that though? Maybe Nine happy to let him do one-off appearances, but not a full show. Maybe it wasn’t working out at Footy Show. Maybe he wanted to do panel show more. Hard to know, but I don’t think we can assume it’s all TEN’s doing.

      1. All Good points. It’s never good to assume. Im always fascinated by this thing about not being be on rival network or not mentioning a show on a other network. Julia Morris and and Jessica marias proves it’s ok without affecting either network.

  2. It’s a good point, because BTG was a very popular show on Ten (12 years I believe) and Hughesy was arguably its biggest star.

    Yet we never heard of hate for Hughesy, only praise.

    Somehow I think it has to do with he’s persona in recent years, since joining KIIS / Logies / Footy Show.

    1. Before the Game was a good show. I was thinking it might get some king of resurrection (maybe after the game) if Foxtel decides to onsell the free to air rights for the Saturday afternoon game but it probably won’t happen with ten’s budget and them having to get new panellists as molloy and maher are on the front bar now.

      1. I wish it happened.

        But sadly Sam and Mick are gone and Seven already have their own take “The Kick” now.

        Also as many have mentioned, it’s unlikely any network would want the Saturday afternoon AFL game. Given the price Foxtel would probably ask and the lower ratings, as well as being out of prime-time. Any profit networks would make from their ads/sponsorship of that AFL would also probably be minimal.

        1. The Saturday afternoon games we’ve had in recent times have been on a massive delay though. I would like to see the difference between a live vs delayed offering on a Saturday. Also having almost half the weeks of the football calendar with only 3 games on fta is not enough. I would guess and I could be wrong that the cost of sport offerings is generally going to outweigh revenue but its about get eyeballs on your network to promote other offerings. Why else would nine pay for the cricket, ten pay for the big bash and seven pay for the aussie open during non ratings. Atleast the AFL although costly would be during ratings.

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