Kochie seeking 4 day week at Sunrise

Exclusive: Sunrise host David Koch is pushing for a 4 day week in new contract negotiations with Seven.

Koch, 61, has worked early mornings for 15 years with the show and has been Chairman of Port Adelaide Football Club since 2012, making further demands on his time.

With other profile presenters in primetime already working 4 days a week, it’s no surprise Koch is looking to lighten the load with Sunrise. But it isn’t clear who would take his chair if he has Fridays off -nor whether gender pay parity is part of the equation.

Executive Producer Michael Pell declined to comment.

Updated: A spokesperson for David Koch has confirmed the negotiations.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    I was thinking Matt White but he is with Ten, Matt Doran, one week and the others on a rotating roster or have a guest every Friday or Monday. I know I could not do it, mind you no one would want me anyhow but I have been doing early morning radio (one day a week ) for 37 years now, and not getting paid for it.

  2. jezza the first original one

    I hope Andrew O’Keefe gets the gig, the Kochmeister has had a great run and deserves a bit of a break either on Friday or Monday or a mixture of both, ie Tue-Fri and Mon-Thu in rotation

  3. The 6pm autocue readers (in Sydney at least) only do 4/3 or 4/2/1 nights. Doing 5am-9am or more x 7 plus extras for 15 years should earn him a bit of relief.

  4. It’d be fine. However 3 male hosts across a week? Kochie, Andrew O’Keefe and a new Friday presenter (Matt Doran/Ryan Phelan/Larry Emdur)? AOK doing 3 days seems the easiest and most obvious though.

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