#metoo campaign leads to calls to identify Australian abusers

Following the Hollywood sexual abuse saga in the US and the #metoo social media campaign, women in the Australian media are now seeking to uncover similar cases closer to home.

NSW lobby group Women in Film & Television sent an email to its members encouraging them to “name the names” via an online survey. “Tell Us Who is Australia’s Harvey Weinstein” it said in an email.

Mumbrella reports it has since apologised for its wording, telling members:

“The recent sexual harassment reports levelled against Harvey Weinstein have reignited the conversation regarding our own industry. In our urgency to address this we sent out an email inviting you all to respond to our yearly survey – which includes a small section dedicated to harassment and discrimination.

“We have received support for this from members and also some criticisms. To those who have raised concerns regarding the wording and tone – thank you. We appreciate your feedback.

“We know that speaking out about abuse is a deeply personal decision. We fully honour and recognise the journey of all survivors and apologise for any hurt that we may have inadvertently brought about in our email. To those who have requested trigger warnings, we hear you and are creating a protocol to protect you to the best of our abilities in all future occasions.

“We are very serious about addressing these issues head on. Our charter is to support and advocate for all women in the screen industry. Our intention is to provide a safe and anonymous place for all those affected by this issue to have their voices heard.”

The WIFT survey is now without direct reference to Weinstein.

Meanwhile journalist and Fairfax columnist Tracey Spicer is also seeking experiences with private contact through social media.

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia.


  1. David, you and other entertainment journalists must be in possession of some knowledge of more than just rumours. What are your obligations, do you think? Maybe you could write an article from that POV.

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