1. Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. Just noticed on the EPG from that Eleven is showing double episodes of Will & Grace at 7.30pm weeknights from Monday. It was a pleasant surprise seeing something different to Raymond and Rules.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I sort of watched Jamie….2nd screen….will watch trains shortly…SBS catch up is better for me…
    I loved 800 Words in the beginning…good idea ..but went bad…turned into a soapy…again ..just my opinion….
    But agree …it was a bit of a nothing much night.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    I’m really enjoying the second season of Unreal on SBS at the mo’. Just when I think it’s starting to become a parody of itself they pull another rabbit out of the hat.

    The character of Quinn really is a piece of work, in both senses of the phrase. I keep wondering where she parks her broomstick.

    • It was a good episode. The numbers NCIS gets is the same or even better then some Australian produced content that airs on our screens. Despite the fact that its already paid for as part of an agreement rather than having to go to an extra expense I can’t understand why its gets treated so badly at times.

      • We watch the repeat season 1 episodes they are airings at the moment as well. Its nice to see Kate again. McGee hasn’t arrived in an episode yet, seems really weird. LOL.

  4. “maybe they plan on Timeshifting a whole bunch of shows?”
    Not in this household – Tuesday night TV is dull, dull, dull.
    Wife gave up on 800 Words two weeks ago and there’s nothing else of substance.
    Back to the Grey’s Anatomy DVD binge…

    • jezza the first original one

      Yeah it was another evening of streaming for us. There is so much to watch right now. I caught about 15 mins of the project though..Pete Heliar was funny discussing the gen Z book..

  5. No surprises that Seven would air a double episode of an under performing 800 words. I think that will be the last time we see that show for a long while.

          • I’ll be timeshifting it. I like a lot of the cast … but I could say the same thing about The Code and Cleverman :p

        • That’s for sure! Heavy going indeed!
          These shows are far better suited to the 45/50 min format. Can never understand why the TV stations promote the hell out of them and then choose to burn them off towards the end as though they can’t wait to be done with them.
          Also I thought 800 Words was supposed to be moving on from the endless pairing up of characters and love triangles…but was rampant again last night.

          • They all seem to think a double episode is an easy way to improve ratings shares as the expectation is that the second episode will rate roughly the same as first and therefore drive a similar number of viewers into later time. In reality though second episodes rate less and can cause people to drop off all together.

            I remember with Love Child I was constantly 3 weeks behind at one episode per week but then when Nine put doubles and multiple nights in the finish they quickly built up to the point where I just let it go and deleted them. May watch them online one day but other shows higher priority now (none of which are on FTA).

          • Usually more complex than just a ratings push, and often impacted by where the next show gets a best launch. From memory those Love Child eps were to complete before Olympics, before example.

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