Offspring future still an open question….

While Sisters premieres this week on TEN, it remains to be seen as to whether Offspring will feature in TEN’s forthcoming Upfronts.

“That’s an open question,” producer Imogen Banks says of the show’s future.

“It’s always interesting to know where there’s life in it, and appetite. The fans are generally there. It’s been a really interesting process bringing it back, and it’s such a high stakes process for everybody involved, it’s a big decision to do it,” she told News Corp.

Given the show’s history I’m of the belief we should avoid further ambiguity for the audience. We’ve been down the “never say never” path and they succeeded in reprising it. But drama viewers need closure too, not to be left continually dangling.

“You want to honour the show, you want to honour the premise, you want to honour the friendships. Everybody, all the people who’ve worked on it since the beginning who have a relationship with the show and an expectation … it sort of becomes its own thing,” Banks continues.

“Once you’ve made a couple of seasons of it, it doesn’t belong to anybody, it becomes its own universe. And I work with the masters of that universe.”


  1. Offspring has to finish.I thought the last episode was the big wind up, cant believe they are talking about another series. I wouldnt agree “Offspring” never recovered after Matty’s demise(Patrick), it never recovered when Deb Oswald left. The last two seasons have been overwhelmed with silly situations and not enough heft (the still born birth sequence being the one great exception,Caroline Brazier has to get a logie for that sequence). The new characters developed were tiresome verging on ridiculous, when are TV stations and producers going to learn how to just say–enough, leave with the memories and lots of repeats. !!

  2. I honestly always envisioned this series would close with Nina’s wedding. Given the fantasy elements within the show, that idea always seemed like a fitting end. Offspring unfortunately was never able to recover creatively following Patrick’s death. Compared to what we’ve had to endure in the last few years, it’s clear to see the shows earlier seasons were lightning in a bottle. Regardless, I still care very much about these characters. This past season really felt like it moved (mostly) everybody in the right direction, to where they needed to be. What has been the most frustrating about Offspring has always been how open-ended the series is. I mean honestly, hasn’t this shows future always been “an open question” where its creatives are concerned? Make a decision and stick with it. There is one last season left in this thing. The shorter the better, so we can all move on.

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