Paul “Fatty” Vautin dumped from NRL Footy Show

Paul “Fatty” Vautin has been dumped from the NRL Footy Show, a day after Nine terminated contract negotiations with Today‘s Lisa Wilkinson.

As tipped last week, Nine’s NRL Footy Show is being “refreshed,” expected to be trimmed down to a panel show, without a Live audience and its big budget entertainment.

Vautin, who will remain with Nine in a commentary role, has been on a lucrative salary at Nine. But the NRL Footy Show rates low and requires a significant production staff, while next year there are 23 Thursday night games.

It didn’t add up to retain it in its current form in a 10pm timeslot.

Nine also has a Monday night NRL panel show next year.

There is speculation Erin Molan could host a new version, but James Bracey is also well-regarded within Nine.

Darryl ‘Big Marn’ Brohman is reportedly off contract while Beau Ryan has 2 more years to run. Long-time executive producer Glenn Pallister is also moving on with Tom Malone to producer under Sport, instead of Light Entertainment.

Brohman told News Corp I’ve just left it with my manager. None of us have been told what’s happening.”

Just last week Nine announced Vautin, Erin Molan, Beau Ryan and Darryl Brohman would be returning for a 25th season.



The NRL Footy Show also returns for its 25th season in 2018, with all the latest breaking stories and loads of fun from the world of rugby league. Each week Paul “Fatty” Vautin, Erin Molan, Beau Ryan and Darryl “Big Marn” Brohman will be joined by some of the biggest names in the game, including Johnathan Thurston and Billy Slater, as they provide expert analysis on all the matches.

“Nine will be broadcasting 23 Thursday night NRL games in 2018 and so the NRL Footy Show will have a new look and feel to reflect the games the audience have just enjoyed watching,” Nine said in a statement 2 days later.

“The exact format of The Footy Show and appearing talent is still to be determined.

Updated via Nine’s own The Fix, Erin Molan said, “”For starters this is all news to me, I haven’t been told anything about what the show will be doing next year — what direction it will be taking — or what the role will be.

“I understand there will be changes, but regarding who will be there or who won’t be there, I honestly have absolutely no idea at this stage,” she added. “I have not been told.”


  1. Who would have thought Lisa and Fatty would leave 9 before Sam Newman.
    I didnt mind fatty on the footy show and I did laugh at Big Marns segment with the kids.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Our local paper reported this …yesterday afternoon….
    Fairfax Media can reveal Footy Show executive producer Glenn Pallister this week told Vautin, who is holidaying in the US, that the long-running program would make way for a new one-hour program headed by co-host Erin Molan and with a football focus….Andrew Webster

  3. Barely watched it the last 10 years but when I have it’s mainly for the “Big Marn” parts.Nine are obviously experiencing some major electrical problems with the neurons firing randomly between the ears of those in power.Network television could be great thing if it wasn’t for those making decisions.For Gods sake just axe it,The Footy Show was Vautin and we all agree that time has passed.

  4. I’m from SA and I dont follow the NRL game itself at all, but have watched the NRL Footy show for 20+ years and this is a ridiculous decision by Ch 9. Fatty is the Footy show… Simple as that… It will not work without him. They tried a few years back when the Fatt got hurt in a stunt on the show went wrong and those shows were terrible… If the Fatt is goooooone then so will I be. I will not watch this show again.

  5. Nine have their upfronts and tell advertisers TFS will return with Vautin, etc… days later they pull the plug. In a time where free tv needs to build trust with audiences and advertisers, this and the lisa antics aren’t a good stunt to pull

  6. Sad day – a good survivor of the industry. While he definitely wasn’t the slickest or most skilled presenter he had a lot of fun and left a lot of good memories – even if the show has been on the decline for a while.

  7. If all the social media comments I have just been reading are anything to go by, this is not a good decision by Nine. Haven’t read one good comment about making Erin Molan taking over the hosting duties if it happens. Oh the times they are a changing !!

      • all about costs – no studio audience, less crew, shorter run time — $$$ — the last live variety show from TCN bites the dust. sad end of an era. but to be expected with free to air in decline

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