Returning: All-Star Family Feud

New episodes of All-Star Family Feud are screening this month on TEN.

The first at 7:30pm Monday October 16 is an Australian Survivor special:
Asaga: Luke, Sarah, Michelle and Jericho.
Samatau: Locky, Tara, Tarzan (Mark H) and Aimee.

A week later 7:30pm Monday October 23 it’s a Bachelor v Bachelorette battle.
The Bachelor: Matty Johnson, Cameron Cranley, Clancy Ryan and Jake Ellis.
The Bachelorette: Sophie Monk, Laura Byrne, Tara Pavlovic and Florence Sophia.


  1. I’d been wondering what happened to Family Feud’s celebrity specials as the only new episode to air so far this year featured stars from Bold and the Beautiful. Sophie Monk should be entertaining. The panelists of Studio 10 against the Loop would make me laugh.

  2. Last year’s Survivor special was fun. I’ll tune in to see Luke unleashed (someone get him doing stand-up comedy!) and Locky just being dreamy.

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