Returning: Bull

Bull is returning to Sundays on TEN soon at the earlier time of 7:30pm.

While the episode will be M rated TEN is able to capitalise on recent changes in classification. It isn’t the first M rated programme in a 7:30 slot, but it is in fairly elite bunch in this regard. At least no more chasing those start times!

Season 2 premiered in the US on September 23rd.

“School for Scandal”
In the season premiere tonight, the Trial Analysis Corporation team join forces with the district attorney to help prove that Kara Clayton (guest star Minka Kelly) did not kill her husband in an act of self-defence.

To do so, the team will have to prove her guilt while managing to out manoeuvre Bull’s on-again, off-again love interest Diana Lindsay who has been tasked with defending the billionaire’s widow.

Elsewhere in the season two premiere, Chunk must face a potentially life-changing decision regarding his future.

7:30pm Sunday October 15 on TEN.


  1. When l started watching Bull all l could see was Tony DiNozzo from NCIS. After a few episodes in l was really enjoying the show. Fast tracking any show l feel is best these days. Stockpiling them in today’s tech savvy world is crazy.

  2. Nice idea, would love if they tried the Scorpion, MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 triple in that spot from 6:30pm onwards it may have worked better.

    Always remember when everyone had Movies on Sunday Nights and TEN put Criminal Intent on at 8:30pm Sundays and it went gang busters causing the end of Sunday Night Movies. Think something along those lines would work again in this current climate, yes people seemed to get tired of US shows, however knowing you didn’t have to chase them around the schedule and would be in bed by 10:30pm on a Sunday may play well.

    After all Scorpion and MacGyver are two episodes in in the US as of this week as is Hawaii Five-0 and yes while Five-0 has started here the other two haven’t.

      • NCIS debuted on Australian TV at 9:30pm Sunday 9th of May 2004 and was rating around 1.3m. It moved to 9:30pm Wed for S3, then from S4 on was at 8:30pm Tues. When Ten fasttracked NCIS at 8:30pm Sunday in October 2013 (when their schedule collapsed) it lost half its viewers and never recovered. So CI followed by NCIS perhaps?

  3. Well that solves Sunday. Now it’s just the post-Survivor Monday slot that needs to be filled. Hopefully not more Modern Family repeats. Actually does Ten have another stripped reality series still to go for 2017?

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