Returning: If You Are The One

China's speed dating show is back -but with a "revamped format."

A new season of If You Are The One begins this Sunday on SBS VICELAND, with a “revamped format.”

According to SBS:

The judging panel will still have a row of 24 beautiful and sassy women, who use their wits and impossibly high standards to pick a male suitor of their choice. The twist? The man in question will be able to hide his identity – concealing his face in his personality video, and hiding on a second stage away from the women.

After a few exchanges, he’ll be able to show himself. After some banter, the women will be placed in two categories – ones who like the candidate, and ones who want to keep observing him. In addition to their podium lights, the 24 women will have their own thermometer of love to track the peaks and dips of their affection throughout the show.

The final decision round gives some power back to the desperate young man, as he’ll be able to pick his top two babes – but he doesn’t know if they’ll keep his lights on for him.

There are 38 new episodes all up.

Meanwhile UK’s Take Me Out, now in its 9th season, has recently announced it is putting single guys behind its podiums.

Both shows are based on the Australian format which premiered on TEN.

Sunday, 22 October at 7.20pm on SBS VICELAND.

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