Seven 2018 Upfronts: Denton, Olivia, Doctor Blake, Commonwealth Games.

Plus The Mentor, Back with the Ex, The Real Full Monty, new drama Australian Gangster, Jimmy Barnes doco.

  • Commonwealth Games, Winter Olympics, AFL, Tennis
  • Interview with Andrew Denton
  • Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted to You, Australian Gangster, Wanted, 800 Words, Home & Away
  • The Real Full Monty event
  • Jimmy Barnes doco
  • Mark Bouris fronts The Mentor
  • New Reality: The Rich House, Australian Spartan,  Dance Boss
  • Dating shows: Back with the Ex, First Wives Club.

Seven has announced a slew of new reality, drama, dating shows to wrap around big sports events in 2018.

The include the TV return for Andrew Denton, who appeared at today’s event in Melbourne, in Interview. Denton explained he had missed his fireside chats and the show marked his return to the network once home to Denton.

The lengthy-named Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You will screen around Q2/Q3 starring Delta Goodrem, with George Xanthis, Todd Lasance and Robyn Malcolm. It will be joined later by Australian Gangster directed by Gregor Jordan (Two Hands, Ned Kelly) and produced by John Edwards.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries in Q4 although Seven has not confirmed how many episodes, or whether as telemovies.

Former Apprentice boss Mark Bouris, who also appeared today, will front a new series aimed at small business, The Mentor.

A one-off event to raise money for charity The Full Monty will dare celebrities to go naked for a good cause. This is based on a  British version.

New reality shows include The Rich House, Australian Spartan, First Wives Club, Dance Boss while Back with the Ex is a new dating series.

Tim Worner, Seven West Media’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, said: “We are delivering compelling content wherever and whenever our audience wants it. We will have more events – live across sports and our entertainment programming. We are growing the content we originate and produce. And, we are committed to ensuring that in 2018, more Australians will watch Seven than anyone else.”

Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media’s Chief Revenue Officer, said: “Our business is about securing and creating the biggest audiences and delivering those audiences across every screen to consumers and advertisers through a seamless and easy connection. 2018 is the culmination of a long term and continuous strategic plan on creating the optimum combination of content, technology and innovation to continue to deliver results for our partners.”


In 2018, Andrew Denton will make his long-awaited return to Seven in a show based mostly on chairs. Australia’s shortest (some would say greatest) interviewer will sit opposite a range of fascinating people and try to find out what makes them tick. The formula will be simple. Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks. Even its title will be simple. Interview. The only complex bit will be the people Andrew talks to – every possible kind of human being and a few impossible ones as well. Topical when it needs to be, timeless whenever it can, INTERVIEW aims to be about light, not heat. In a time when everything seems to be splitting apart, INTERVIEW will seek out what binds us.  There will be talking. There will be listening. There will be laughing, and hopefully the occasional, compelling silence. And if that doesn’t work, there’ll be a bathroom renovation. Possibly some blindfolded dating. And as a last resort, some kind of mystery food challenge (Surprise! It’s an eggplant!). INTERVIEW. Every week, amazing humans. INTERVIEW with ANDREW DENTON will be produced by Legacy Media for Channel Seven.


Delta Goodrem has amassed a multitude of achievements throughout her career to date, and now she will play a role very close to her heart, as she stars as Australian icon Olivia Newton-John in OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU – a two-part celebration which charts the Aussie sweetheart’s brilliant career and astonishing personal life Aged just 15, Olivia won a local television talent contest which propelled her to London on her first recording contract. She went on to become Australia’s most successful singer, selling an astounding 100 million albums internationally. The miniseries follows Olivia’s path to stardom from singing duets with best friend Pat Carroll, to her breakout single ‘I Honestly Love You’ reaching Number 1 in the US and international acclaim in her life-changing role of Sandy in the 1978 global smash-hit movie, Grease. Continued highs in Olivia’s music career and personal life are confronted by a sudden profusion of life challenges, with a cancer diagnosis the biggest trial of her character and determination. For more than five decades, Olivia has been “the one that we want”. This moving and uplifting tribute to her life, her loves, her family, her fight and her iconic songs, films and fashion will see Australians of all generations fall in love with Livvy all over again. OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU is produced by FremantleMedia with the assistance of Screen Australia and Film Victoria for Channel Seven.


In the most intense obstacle course on the planet, no one triumphs alone! This is AUSTRALIAN SPARTAN – a test of strength, speed, agility and endurance which only a truly unified team can conquer. Inspired by the world-wide fitness phenomenon ‘Spartan Race’, this is the world’s most demanding physical obstacle course. Teams of three must join forces to race across a specially designed Spartan course engineered to challenge their determination, endurance and will. The extreme obstacles escalate to truly test the most outstanding athletes in the country. In the end, only one team will rise to become the ultimate Australian Spartans. AUSTRALIAN SPARTAN is a Matchbox Pictures and Eureka Productions co-production for Channel Seven. 


Australian entrepreneur, Mark Bouris, is taking his knowledge to the streets in THE MENTOR, turning around small businesses on the brink of collapse. Small businesses are the heart and soul of the country employing sixty percent of the Australian population. Mark will be delving deep into the backbone of the nation as he takes apart these businesses and digs deep into the lives of the owners helping them have a real shot at financial and personal success. Growing up in Punchbowl in Sydney’s western suburbs, Mark knows how hard work and commitment can be life changing. THE MENTOR is all about making success happen.


What if every luxury you’d ever dreamt of was right at your fingertips? How hard would you fight to keep it? Welcome to THE RICH HOUSE – a fun, family-friendly competition series giving everyday Australians the chance to live the life of the super rich! Inside THE RICH HOUSE is an embarrassment of riches… a Lotto winner’s lifestyle, an unimaginable dream, and 12 lucky Aussies are about to be given the chance to move in, live it large and win big. But making it to THE RICH HOUSE takes hard work. These Aussies must face a series of spectacular challenges to get there. Succeed and the rewards are out of this world. Fail and life will lose all luxury. THE RICH HOUSE is an original format from Seven Studios.

Forget Jenny from the block… wait ‘til you see how Jenny from Accounts moves! It’s time to “get down” to business with DANCE BOSS – a brand-new TV dance competition where the best workplace crews battle it out to win a cash prize of $100,000. Inspired by viral videos shared millions of times around the world, this new shiny floor format sees 10 Australian workplaces put forward their best five amateur dancers. These dance troupes are then put through their paces by a world-famous choreographer. In each episode, the dazzlingly costumed crews face off in spectacularly staged dance battles. They are judged and scored by three big name celebrities who will base their scores on entertainment factor alone. Eventually 10 will be whittled down to one winning troupe who will be crowned “Dance Boss Australia”! DANCE BOSS is an original format from Seven Studios.

Doctor Blake is back. It’s 1963 and Australia sits on the cusp of a brave new world… a world awash with murder, mystery and mayhem. JFK has just been assassinated and the universe may never be the same again. Blake and Jean face greater challenges than they could ever have imagined. Haunted houses, flying saucers, deadly dentists, long lost daughters and much, much more. They’re challenges the two of them will face together. Buckle up – it’s going to be a hell of ride. In 2018, Seven becomes the new home of number one Australian drama, THE DOCTOR BLAKE MYSTERIES – returning much-loved stars Craig McLachlan (Blake) and Nadine Garner (Jean) to our screens, as well as other familiar faces and some new players. THE DOCTOR BLAKE MYSTERIES is a December Media production in association with Film Victoria for Channel Seven. 

A wild tale of gangster ambition. The Instagram generation westie underworld collides with Sydney’s glamorous social elite. A world of spray tans, steroids, tatts, laundered drug money and Lamborghinis. All of this and the pursuit of a happy family life. It’s very funny, even amidst all the murders and mayhem. It’s just the kind of crazy story that Gregor Jordan (Two Hands, Ned Kelly) is the perfect person to tell. New local crime drama, AUSTRALIAN GANGSTER, is a Roadshow Rough Diamond production for Channel Seven, with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Create NSW.

Sandy Bay, Hobart. January 27, 2009. 55-year-old mother of two Sue Neill-Fraser is woken by a call from the police – her yacht is sinking out in the bay. Sue’s partner Bob Chappell who was sleeping on board has disappeared. The boat has been sabotaged, blood spatters the cabin stairs, a knife lies on the floor… Bob is never seen again – alive or dead. Sue soon becomes a suspect in Bob’s murder investigation. During interviews with detectives she is caught in a string of lies. Seven months later, Detectives arrest Sue charging her with murder. Sue strongly maintains her innocence. While evidence is circumstantial and there is no body, the case against her is strong enough to go to court. After a high-profile murder trial that splits the tight Hobart community, Sue is found guilty. In October 2010 she is sentenced to 26 years in prison. But this case is far from closed… a band of supporters refuse to accept that Sue Neill-Fraser is a killer and they begin their own investigation, much of it filmed as it happens. In the tradition of The Jinx and Making a Murderer comes UNDERCURRENT – a gripping Australian true crime series; an active unfolding investigation involving underworld sources and the chase for a key piece of physical evidence that could free Sue from prison, and finally unlock the shocking true story of what happened to Bob Chappell that night. UNDERCURRENT is produced by CJZ for Channel Seven. 

They’ve all walked down the aisle before… but for each of them, their first marriage ended in heartbreak. Now back on the dating scene they all have a lot to learn. THE FIRST WIVES CLUB tracks the dramatic, emotional and romantic transformation of women searching for their second chance at love. Along the way they’ll be coached by the world’s #1 dating expert, Matthew Hussey, as he offers practical advice and insights into what makes men tick, how to find love and how to keep it. He will help them hone their dating skills, build their confidence and find connections with single men. THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is co-developed by Seven Studios and Eureka Productions and produced by Eureka Productions for Channel Seven.

Is the one that got away your true love? BACK WITH THE EX reunites four singles with an ex they’ve never been able to forget. They now have the chance to find out if they were the right one for them after all. These couples will relight the spark on a romantic honeymoon. Then, they’ll come crashing back to reality when they move in to each other’s homes… and their friends and family get to have a say. They’ll confess their deepest darkest secrets to each other and their trust will be put to the test. In an epic finale, the couples will take a once-in-a-lifetime overseas trip to a romantic destination. Here they’ll decide if it’s happily ever after… or if they’ll walk away forever. Will love find a way? BACK WITH THE EX is an original format from Seven Studios.

EMERGENCY CALL goes behind the scenes at call centres which respond to 000 calls and the call takers who are the first responders to an emergency situation. Whether it’s a traffic accident, a cardiac arrest, a terrifying call from someone being stalked or the crazy callers who think that 000 should unblock their toilet, EMERGENCY CALL allows the viewer to listen in on the most challenging situations. EMERGENCY CALL is a Lineup Industries format, produced by Seven Studios.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the 1997 mega hit film The Full Monty. The film touched the hearts of audiences worldwide as eight ordinary men faced their fears and stripped off for a cause close to their hearts.  Now, in the special television event, THE REAL FULL MONTY, a group of eight Australian male celebrities will strip down in a large-scale performance to raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. In this feel-good documentary we’ll go on the journey with these eight brave celebs – from the awkwardness of the first rehearsal, to the final triumphant show where they rip their G-strings off in front of a packed audience! Who will dare to bare all for a worthy cause? 

Feature-length documentary WORKING CLASS BOY is the unflinching story of Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes – from childhood survival in the slums of Glasgow to the forlorn immigrant suburbs of Australia, to the day he is asked to join a band and finds his escape with Cold Chisel. Raw and compassionate, this is how a wild cheeky kid from the mean streets of Scotland and South Australia was saved by rock’n’roll… only to have it nearly destroy him. The film is based on Jimmy’s 2016 memoir Working Class Boy, the biggest selling Australian autobiography of all time and was the winner of the Australian Book Industry Award for 2017 Biography of the Year. In 2016, Jimmy turned his book into a concert – a mix of spoken word and music – selling out hundreds of shows across Australia and New Zealand. WORKING CLASS BOY, an adaptation of both the book and stage show, goes far beyond the traditional rock doc. It’s a universal, multi-layered story that uses an evocative soundtrack performed by Jimmy to frame a story of defiance, struggle and survival. From his perch today at the top of the music industry, as a devoted husband, father and grandfather he tells the raw, unadulterated and often funny story of the life that shaped him. JIMMY BARNES: WORKING CLASS BOY is produced by CJZ for Channel Seven.

Music’s biggest night celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2018. The milestone telecast of the 60th GRAMMY AWARDS will screen exclusively on Seven on Monday, January 29 from Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Pete Evans and Manu Feildel are back with a ninth season of Australia’s most popular and hotly contested cooking show, MY KITCHEN RULES… and this year, it won’t just be the teams who are opening their front doors!  With supersized instant restaurants and an all-new elimination process that turns the competition on its head, this is MY KITCHEN RULES as you’ve never seen it before. Pete and Manu will be joined by Colin Fassnidge to help judge the new batch of aspiring home cooks as they battle it out for the $250,000 prize. Also returning to Kitchen HQ in 2018 are guest judges Karen Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan. MY KITCHEN RULES is an original format from Seven Studios. 


With great characters, even bigger challenges and the most breathtaking designs, HOUSE RULES continues to break new ground in the home renovation format as teams gamble with the most important possession in their lives: their home. In 2018, the show will launch with something they’ve never done before – a game-changer which will massively raise the stakes and the drama and have a huge impact on the entire series. Entering its sixth year, HOUSE RULES returns with host Johanna Griggs and series judges – international design star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen; acclaimed Australian architect and builder Drew Heath; and one of Australia’s foremost experts on style and design Wendy Moore. Back to guide teams and help them decipher the ‘House Rules’ is interior designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave. HOUSE RULES is an original format from Seven Studios.


The breakout feel-good hit of 2017 proved that the biggest stars can come in the smallest packages. LITTLE BIG SHOTS will return in 2018 with more awe-inspiring, super cute, refreshingly honest, pint-sized performers, all set to keep host Shane Jacobson on his toes. Created by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, LITTLE BIG SHOTS is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for Channel Seven. 


Australia’s most epic drama is back! In 2018, Lola Buckley (Rebecca Gibney) and Chelsea Babbage (Geraldine Hakewill) return home in pursuit of their own brand of justice and freedom when they are forced to cross a line that means this time, there is no going back.In a bold new adventure, the International Emmy-nominated series sees Lola and Chelsea embark on a breathtaking journey through the burning red centre of Australia. WANTED 3 is a story about identity that proves we can only truly live when we embrace who we were born to be. So the world thinks they’re bad? They ain’t seen nothing yet… WANTED is produced by Matchbox Pictures and R&R Productions for Channel Seven.

Australia’s most popular weeknight drama welcomes Sam Frost to the cast after a jaw-dropping season finale which leaves the residents of Summer Bay in total shock. Expect more conflict, romance, happiness, heartbreak, topical storylines and fresh faces as HOME AND AWAY celebrates its 30th year in 2018. HOME AND AWAY is an original format from Seven Studios.

Host Andrew O’Keefe is back with Australia’s number one game show, THE CHASE AUSTRALIA. THE CHASE is a race where players must ensure they stay one step ahead of the Chaser, some of the finest quiz brains in Australia. The Chasers are The Governess, Supernerd, The Shark, Goliath and The Beast. Have contestants got what it takes to beat the Chaser? THE CHASE AUSTRALIA is produced by ITV Studios Australia for Channel Seven.

Australia’s number one lifestyle program, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, returns for an incredible 24th year in 2018. The team will spend more time lending a hand to Australians in need, providing simple solutions and advice for their problems in the home and garden. Plus, viewers will learn more inspiring ways to refresh their home, how to home cook the most delicious recipes and try those DIY jobs they’ve been putting off! BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS is presented by Johanna Griggs with Australia’s favourite vet Dr Harry Cooper; Logie Award-winning builder Adam Dovile; interiors specialist Tara Dennis; landscaper Jason Hodges; horticulturist Graham Ross; and chefs “Fast Ed” Halmagyi and Karen Martini. BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS is an original format from Seven Studios. 


800 WORDS continues in 2018 with more heart-warming and uplifting drama. After Woody and Tracey’s fairy-tale wedding, George (Erik Thomson) was faced with an unexpected ultimatum – help his ex-girlfriend Fiona fulfil her dream of becoming a mother or pursue a new romance with Katie? 800 WORDS is a South Pacific Pictures production for Channel Seven.


FIRST DATES is back with more hopeful singles taking a chance on love! In this fly-on-the-wall dating series real people of all ages go on blind dates with a twist, hoping to meet the man or woman of their dreams. Our daters have been brought together according to their likes and dislikes by FIRST DATES’ team of matchmakers. They’ll meet their potential love match for the very first time in a restaurant fitted out with discreet cameras to record the dates from start to finish. Some of the daters crash and burn… others strike it lucky. At the end of the evening they’ll be asked the killer question: “Would you like to go on a second date?”. For some pairings, it’ll be their first and last date. For others, it might just be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. What happens next is up to them. FIRST DATES is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for Channel Seven. 


They strutted into our lives in 2017 flaunting their big bellies, designer baby gear and extravagant lifestyles. Now, exclusive to 7plus, the YUMMY MUMMIES are back and funnier than ever as they try to keep up appearances under the most difficult situations. Follow Lorinska as she takes little “Lady Penelope” to purchase her first designer outfit with matching high heels. Meanwhile, Rachel is buying a new home for baby Harvey and Jane’s young toddler Jenson is visiting the bank manager to open his first account. Then there’s first ponies, holiday homes, birthday parties and more! The challenges are immense as our Melbourne mums get used to life with the newest and loudest member of their families. YUMMY MUMMIES is an original format from Seven Studios.

Hosted by Axle Whitehead, THE WALL exists for one purpose and one purpose only – to give good people the opportunity to transform their lives. And when there are millions of dollars on the line, they’ll only need one lucky bounce and their futures could change in an instant. In order to conquer The Wall, players need a mix of brains, bravery and blind luck and even then, there’s no guarantees. It’s the ultimate game of risk and reward. The rules are simple: a pair of teammates must try to beat The Wall by answering general knowledge questions. Answer correctly and the balls turn green and fly down The Wall – wherever they land adds money to the team’s winning total. Get an answer wrong, the balls turn red and the money is deducted from the team’s total. With cash values ranging from one dollar right up to one million dollars, massive amounts of money can be won and lost in seconds. The Wall gives and The Wall takes away. THE WALL is an original U.S. format created by LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Andrew Glassman and executive produced by Glassman Media and SpringHill Entertainment in Association with Universal Television Alternative Studio and distributed by Endemol Shine Group.

Join host Luke Jacobz and series judge, award-winning designer Juliet Ashworth, as they tap into the world-wide trend of home-owners renting out their properties as holiday accommodation. INSTANT HOTEL will see home owners vie for the title of Best Hotel. Personal taste, precious belongings and price point are all open for judgement as teams travel the country and stay in newly created “hotels”. INSTANT HOTEL is an original format from Seven Studios. 

Seven Factual:

Seven’s Factual team continue to deliver the best in observational documentary programming including BEACH COPS, SURVEILLANCE OZ, DASHCAM and MANHUNT, plus flagship titles:

One of Australia’s longest running factual programs returns for 2018 with exclusive access to high profile busts and covert operations. The challenges facing our border protection agencies in 2018 are critically important and BORDER SECURITY: AUSTRALIA’S FRONT LINE has never been more relevant. From major international drug syndicates to potential terror threats and illegal boats, BORDER SECURITY’s cameras are with officers on the front line for every high-risk operation to protect Australia. BORDER SECURITY: AUSTRALIA’S FRONT LINE is an original format from Seven Studios.

THE FORCE: BEHIND THE LINE continues as a cutting-edge crime series covering all areas of policing with the most extraordinary access allowing our cameras to follow some of the country’s biggest operations through live briefings, warrants and arrests. This season follows some of the biggest drug and weapons busts in the country as well as property crime, armed robbery and fraud. It’s a force to be reckoned with! THE FORCE: BEHIND THE LINE is an original format from Seven Studios.

Australia’s blockbusting cop show HIGHWAY PATROL is back for a 10th season, riding shotgun with Victorian police officers who strive to keep our roads safe. We’ll see the crashes, the speeders, the tears and the trauma, meeting every kind of person you can think of, whether they be angry or idiots (and sometimes a combination of both). Mix in a big dollop of laughs and you’ll soon see why the life of an officer is never boring. HIGHWAY PATROL is produced by Greenstone TV with the cooperation of Victoria Police for Channel Seven.


Seven is ready to deliver the most comprehensive, innovative, multi-platform Commonwealth Games coverage ever seen. It will be Seven’s biggest coverage of any event since the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and builds on Seven’s multi-screen live coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio.  Fans can look forward to 2017 world champion Sally Pearson going for gold in the 110m hurdles, 2016 Rio Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers aiming to add to his medal collection in the men’s 100m freestyle, a top-class Para-Sport line-up including Kurt Fearnley in the wheelchair marathon and a swag of teams sports with Aussies going for gold including the Rugby 7s, netball and more. 


In February, Seven will broadcast the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games across the screens of Seven on television and connected devices. Viewers will be cheering on Aussie stars including world champions mogul skier Britt Cox and snowboarder Scott James, two-time world champion snowboarder Alex Pullin, Olympic gold medallist Torah Bright and Sochi 2014 Olympians Danielle Scott, Matt Graham, Jarryd Hughes and more as Australia stakes its claim for its most successful Winter Olympics ever.


The superstars of tennis are on track for Seven this summer including Federer, Nadal, Williams, Stosur, Djokovic, Murray and Kyrgios, with viewers able to watch live anywhere, anytime, on any device. From the Hopman Cup in Perth and the Brisbane International to Sydney’s International and along the Kooyong Classic in Melbourne, all roads on Seven this summer lead to the first Grand Slam of 2018, the Australian Open. In addition to live and exclusive match coverage on Channel 7, 7TWO and 7mate, fans will have every tournament during the Summer of Tennis streamed live via the 7TENNIS app and 7plus. 

After arguably the most competitive season of AFL ever in 2017 that saw a fairytale drought-breaking win for the Tigers, Seven’s AFL returns with the biggest games across Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sundays. The AFL finals are all on Seven, along with exclusive coverage of the Brownlow Medal and the Grand Final.

AFLW returns after its groundbreaking first season with all of the stars we’ve come to know and love including Daisy Pearce, Erin Phillips, Sarah ‘Tex’ Perkins and more. Seven will again broadcast VFL, SANFL and WAFL matches live, free and exclusive as well as the EJ Whitten Legends game.

After a stellar footy season in 2017, Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher return for some fun at The Front Bar with their irreverent and often nostalgic look at the AFL world. And during the Commonwealth Games and the Winter Olympics, keep an eye out as the boys pull up a stool to give their inimitable view on all the fun and games from the track, pool, ski fields and beyond.


Seven is the Australian leader in news and public affairs. Seven News and Public Affairs produces and broadcasts 5,302 hours of live news programming every year.

Australia’s favourite breakfast programme Sunrise, returns in 2018 with co-hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage, newsreader Natalie Barr, sports presenter Mark Beretta, features entertainment reporter Edwina Bartholomew and weatherman Sam Mac. Now in its 14th consecutive year of leadership, Sunrise reaches 2.3 million Australians every week.

Weekend Sunrise is Australia’s number one weekend breakfast program, with an average 484,000 combined viewers.

Seven News remains Australia’s most-watched and trusted television news service, with an average 1.4 million viewers nationally tuning in each weeknight at 6.00pm. Seven’s weekday afternoon local news at 4.00 leads in all individual metro markets – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Seven News has this year been recognised with 17 awards for excellence in journalism.

Sunday Night is Australia’s premier television news and public affairs programme. This year, Sunday Night has delivered an average combined audience of 1.32 million every week. Together with host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle, Sunday Night’s team of reporters including Steve Pennells, Denham Hitchcock, Alex Cullen, Angela Cox and Matt Doran return to Seven in 2018. After this year celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary and decade of leadership, The Morning Show returns to Seven in 2018 with co-hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies. The Morning Show remains Australia’s number one morning programme, with an average 227,000 viewers. The Morning Show reaches an average 1.7 million Australian viewers every week.  And afternoon news and entertainment program, The Daily Edition, also returns in the new year with co-hosts Sally Obermeder and Tom Williams, with a weekday average audience of 176,000 viewers nationally.

Murder Uncovered
The multiple award-winning investigative news series Murder Uncovered returns in 2018 for a second season. The breakthrough series was one of the biggest television premieres of the year, with 1.57 million viewers for its opening episode and an average series audience of 1.2 million.  Featuring award-winning journalist Michael Usher, chilling new details will be uncovered from never-before-given interviews with eyewitnesses to the crimes, the detectives who investigated, the victims, the prime suspects, and in some cases, even the murderers – in their own words. Murder Uncovered comes from the Seven News Investigates team behind the critically-acclaimed Michael Hutchence and Anita Cobby documentaries, and In Cold Blood… The Chris Lane Story.

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  1. I thought the Olivia biopic was originally meant for this year?

    Does Seven still have to wait for Delta to not be contracted to Nine? As that may mean that Seven has to wait until after The Voice to even begin promoting it let alone airing it?

  2. while i love delta goodrem- i dont think i will be hopelessly devoted to watching it or if I’ll physically watch it. wow so no mention of the shows Darren McMullen has hosted, to be honest hardly any of these shows excite me- except the grammy awards( but i have foxtel so i’ll watch it on there)

  3. The Start of 2018 will see a big summer of tennis – aus open, Hopman Cup, Brisbane International.
    I know that Fast4 Tennis was telecasted 2016-17 On 7 (except 2015 that was on 9). The ratings for F4T was so dire. Do you think that this tennis format will return to 7 or has this event been canned?

    1. We will find out soon enough. Tennis Australia seem really keen to push the format though. Hoping they keep it to the Fast 4 exho and remove it from Hopman Cup Mixed Doubles. Ruins the best match.

  4. Super excited to see them giving a crack to new ideas. I can’t wait to see how The Rich House works, but I’m intrigued by the concept. Though I hope that to get in, the contestants need to show generosity. Sort of like True Beauty meets the Golden Cage. But I’m totally guessing here. The Mentor sounds like Kitchen Nightmares for small business, could work well. Dance Boss if it’s focused on the workplaces having fun rather than competition, it will be better. Providing they get the right people to judge too. Australian Spartan, it will either flop or be a hit. Just not sure which yet. The two dating shows….lets combine them, “Back with the first wife” about people who have been married before and they agree to let a panel of experts set them up, unbeknownst to them when they walk down the aisle they come face to face with their ex. (On second thought, maybe not.) The Real Full…

  5. So is 800 words getting a new season and that will be season 4. Its very confusing and annoying when they stop half way through the year and then continue on. Was that the final ep of season 3 the other night?

    MKR need to do a masterchef and get back to focusing on the cooking. They promote the show not for great dishes but which team are the villians. Just get the good teams on.

    Good for Dr Blake fans that they get it on 7 but wait until all the complaints come in about the ads when its on air.

    1. They will show season 3 part 2 next year and then likely will reassess before deciding on season 4. Compared to other Aussie drama right now it rates decently and some of the cost is offset by NZ so it wouldn’t be as expensive as other shows.

  6. About two upcoming Seven shows.

    Yummy Mummies: How embrassing is it that it is a 7plus exclusive show. They must have had a two season (maybe more) contract when first commissioning the show.
    In my opinion, if you are a TV network who has a show who’s only way to stem the bleeding of losses is to make it a catch up exclusive, don’t bother having the show on at all in any medium.

    The Rich House: Seems interesting. Might rate well. At first I thought it was Seven’s ripoff of Big Brother (without the public voting) but it seems original upon a closer look.

    1. Yummy Mummies is Seven’s own original format, so they’re not obliged to anyone to renew it. They’re using a show which skews to a young female audience, as opposed to the masses, to drive traffic to their new online platform. Makes perfect sense. CBS in the US did similar launching Big Brother and The Good Wife spin-offs, as well as a Star Trek reboot, to their All Access streaming service. SBS launched The Handmaid’s Tale online before broadcast as well.

    1. Agreed. I have also watched the pilot and I laughed a lot.
      Would watch a full series easy.
      I am hoping Ten will pick it up or even SBS (I can picture it as a SBS show because of the multicultural element to it)

      I just hope if someone does commission a full series, the Superwog team retain creative rights. That means it will be at least a M rated (probably a MA rated more likely) show.

  7. Some good, fresh titles there. Interesting to note that, much like US networks, Seven have commissioned a lot of their own in-house formats and producing themselves, which saves them money buying formats from external production companies. Dance Boss sounds like ABC (US) short lived 2008 Dance Machine.

    Its amazing that their longest running series include Border Security, The Force and Highway Patrol. Bor Sec debuted in 2004! Incredible.

  8. Love the sound of the new Denton series and the Front Bar is a great call for the Olympics. Matt Hussey is a big get for Seven I’ve seen him on US shows and he’s a standout. All round a better offering than last year.

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