Seven dials Emergency Call

Seven has picked up local format rights to observational series Emergency Call.

The program features paramedics, police and fire brigade services as well as the telephone workers who face critical, unexpected and often dangerous situations requiring immediate responses.

From distressing calls about a suspected intruder to absurd request for the police to deliver food and cigarettes, it spotlights the call centre operators at the front line.

The series has already aired on French Belgium public broadcaster RTBF and Eén, the Flemish public broadcaster.

Source: Real Screen


  1. I hope it is a lot better than that train wreck Seven screened a few years ago, Emergency 911. Seven had to constantly break into the show saying that “911” didn’t exist in Australia, and that our version was 000. That didn’t stop a woman who was being held hostage in her home in western Sydney desperately phoning 911 in another room and getting a wrong number message each time. Ten minutes later the gunman killed her partner and child before she escaped the house and flagged down a passing car.

  2. This will be interesting. My son works for 000, some of the stuff he has told me about the calls they receive is rather absurd. You wouldn’t believe it.

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