Sophie struggling with social media response to Bachelorette

Celebrity Bachelorette Sophie Monk has broken down on radio admitting she is struggling with social media reactions to the TEN show.

Speaking to friends Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS FM she said the reaction to her elimination choices was weighing heavily on her.

“I’m just (being) smashed on social media about it,” she said. “I can’t choose everyone. I can only choose one person.

“I can’t make everyone happy. I’ve got to make me happy.”

Asked if she was finding the experience different to her expectations, she said,  “Absolutely. You don’t realise you have to try and keep an audience happy and you happy as well.

“They have to remember there’s a lot cut out. I need a little bit of crazy. I need quirky….”

Worried she would lose audience support she continued, “It’s going to turn more and more until the end. I’m so sensitive and I want to keep everyone happy, and I can’t.”

Monk’s tears followed the elimination of “nice-guy” Sydney financial advisor James.

She also came under fire from Perth & Brisbane viewers after posts on social media gave away details before broadcast.


  1. I like James for Sophie because I believe that James is genuine and respectful and a real guy. No fake side of James. For me, Jarrod is a bit self centered person and a jealous guy, Sophie might be having a hard time to balance between her career n love life w Jarrod if in case she will choose Jarrod. Stu is not a simple guy. his family is focused on protecting their money, Apollo is a simple guy but the problem would be in the future is Apollo might be undermine. But all of these are my views based on what it appears on the show. They r all nice.

  2. Sophie will pick the one she wants – not what social media decides. People hide behind the Internet on Social Media to hurt people in some way. Must make them feel good or something. I don’t look at any Nine Network related social media sites now due to the made up stories on Mamamia etc. Anything with nine dots next to it does not get a Guernsey with me. Sophie need to realise that most viewers of her show do not read the garbage printed about her. Be strong Sophie and ignore the Internet paper tigers. It is them we need to feel sorry for 🙂

    • Well said #WolfieBoy. Similar backlash happened to Shaynna Blaze this week on her Facebook page after the room reveals and she asked followers to be positive otherwise she would take action (I’m assuming removing them from her page).

  3. The rumors are looking more and more true, that she was already with that dude she’d met beforehand.
    And so they’ve basically built the whole series around her for publicity, and placed the guy in there that she was already with for her to “choose”.
    I know it’s a “reality show”, but even considering that, it still seems pretty low.

  4. I don’t watch The Bachelor/ette, none of the people on either show don’t owe anything to the audience, people are just too damn entitled. Have your opinions, fine but don’t spray them around like it’s the common cold.

  5. I saw the backlash….so many “outraged” she got rid of James and kept Blake and Jarrod.
    Lovely guy – I would kept him till the end but clearly she didn’t feel he was “the one”…maybe not edgy enough for her.
    He at least deserved an explanation as to why she eliminated him though.

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