Squinters comedy for ABC

Jungle will produce a new comedy, Squinters, for ABC.

The six part series is to set entirely in cars, featuring mutli-cultural commuters from Sydney’s western suburbs as they drive to work -the title refers to the fact they are facing the sun as they head east.

Trent O’Donnell, who co-created the series with actor / writer Adam Zwar, will direct with other with Zwar as showrunner and lead writer.

Unlike Jungle’s improvised No Activity, Squinters will be fully scripted.

Source: IF Magazine


  1. Talking of train commuters, why can’t someone do a reboot of “Going Home”? I loved that show. With the current crop of idiots in parliament today, and the plethora of current issues, they’d have tons of material to discuss!!

  2. I would have thought train commuters would have far more scope for interactive comic situations or even car poolers with relative strangers-odd choices being made by ABC comedy these days.

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