Stu is Sophie’s choice

Early rumours surrounding The Bachelorette proved true with singer Sophie Monk choosing married father of 4 Stuart Laundy, 44, over Victorian vineyard manager Jarrod Woodgate, 31.

The finale in Fiji saw Monk choose the wealthy Sydney publican whom she had previously met prior to the series.

“I have two really important things to tell you,” she told him. “The first thing is: I’m so sorry I misjudged you when I first met you. And the second thing is: I’m in love with you.”

He told her, “I love everything about you. And I know it took me forever to say, but I didn’t want to get it wrong. You have rescued me. You’ve given me a second chance.”

But to choose Laundy she had to let down Woodgate, as dictated by the show’s crushing format.

“In my head, I know you’re everything. But my heart belongs to someone else,” she revealed.

Woodgate left in tears, making a long walk on an island beach.

“I didn’t see that coming,” he conceded. “I’ll still always love Sophie. It’s painful.”

But he also posted a classy response on social media (see below).

The finale wrapped a runaway success for TEN, drawing strong ratings and massive media coverage.

Monk, who escaped to Thailand to avoid the press, recently broke down in tears on radio after negative social media comments.

“I’m just (being) smashed on social media about it,” she said last week. “I can’t choose everyone. I can only choose one person.

“I can’t make everyone happy. I’ve got to make me happy.”

Yesterday press reports were already speculating how long the romance was lasting post-production, with rumours of another woman, as well as questions around possible IVF for the couple.

Monk, who had maintained she signed on for the series because true love had evaded her, is arguably well positioned for a myriad of career opportunities.

TEN has already announced casting for The Bachelor and has a Bachelor in Paradise series to add to the mix in 2018.

Coming into this I never thought I’d have the opportunity to get to know such a warm hearted, down to earth, hilarious woman let alone fall in love with her. This journey has been the most challenging & exciting in my life so far. Through all the highs & lows all I wanted was to be true to myself. Falling in love is such an incredible experience & really is the best feeling in the world. My heart will heal & I wouldn’t change a single moment. Sophie, thank you. You’ve helped me to learn so much about myself. Opening up to you & sharing my feelings just felt so natural from our first encounter. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve nothing but love & laughter in your life. @sophiemonk #BacheloretteAU . . . #BacheloretteAU #bachelorette #thebachelorette #thebachelor #bachelor #networkten #ten #TV #fiji #luxury #realitytv #finale #instadaily #instagood #smile #love #sophiemonk

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  1. Well I guess the magazines will be busy the next few weeks. I can see the headlines now. Stu and Sophie have broken up, Stu and Sophie to get married. Sophie is pregnant with a circle around the stomach.

  2. jezza the first original one

    Gotta hope Sophie comes through this, her track record and dating seems to have been many short term relationships. I haven’t watched the series, but my daughters have and we watched the finale together..

    • Poor old Jarrod – it was always going to end in tears.
      It was obvious from a long way back who Sophie was going to choose.
      Yes, that dejected plod along the beach was pitiful – Jarrod sure needed a hug in that moment.
      I almost expected him to just walk on into the ocean and not come out.

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