Sweet Spot to hit 9Life

A chat show built around Married at First Sight will screen on 9Life next year.

The half-hour show, with a working title of Sweet Spot, is set for a 9pm timeslot, with behind-the-scenes exclusives, commentary and highlights.

Nine already has complementary content on its 9Honey website but the new show marks the first local commission for 9Life.

“Over the past year we have seen a real opening for 9Honey to amplify our big 7.30pm television franchises and this new chat show format around Married at First Sight will help us to further own that conversation across all platforms,” said Helen McCabe Nine’s Digital Content Director.

“Whether through Australian Ninja Warrior and Honey CoachThe Block and Honey Homes or Married at First Sight and Honey, our lifestyle network is offering a real and valuable anchor for advertisers and this will continue into 2018.”

Nine is also expanding into the women’s lifestyle space with Future Women, embarking on a new subscription site aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs.

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