Telethon tops $36.4m

Western Australia’s annual Telethon has smashed records with a staggering $36.4m raised over the weekend.

The figure obliterates last year’s $26.2m raised.

Seven’s marathon event ran for 26 hours across Saturday & Sunday.

“It’s been really spectacular,” Seven chairman Kerry Stokes told the West Australian.

“Mainly because everybody wants to be involved and because of that, it just gets bigger and bigger and that’s really rewarding. Everybody is walking around saying ‘How much will they raise?’ and isn’t that a much better thing than worrying about all the problems we have, anticipating how much we can raise to help the rest of the community?”

Telethon regular raises the highest per capita amount in the world.


  1. It was live streamed on several WA news sites too and a number of clips are posted on You Tube under the “Telethon7” account

    Telethon is an extraordinary event and the energy and enthusiasm West Australians have for it has to be seen to be believed. The east coast stars who visit for the first time are blown away by what they find. And I don’t understand the full history but Daryl Braithwaite performing “Horses” does things to the crowd that can’t be explained….

  2. Mr game show fan

    As a South Australian, I am an outsider to this event.

    I am thinking “How is it possible that $36.4 million was donated?”

    I knew because of Weekend Sunrise that the Federal government gave $2 million but what about the other $34.4 million.

    Well done Western Australia. Come to think of it, I should have used Plus7 (typed in a WA postcode) to watch this Telethon.

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